Ken Shamrock: One Of 50 Cent’s Bodyguards

50 cent

After a fantastic UFC with Rhonda vs Tate, Broken legs and Broken dreams, I cant think what are they going to top this with, to be honest after seeing how well Tate did, I kind of want Rhonda to lose she annoys me, but again thats part of her charm because like it or not she is the undefeated DON of FEMALE UFC she puts in the work, which makes this next fight so interesting, also the fact she still has Cat to fight and the realization she isn’t the only undefeated UFC female out there, the female UFC is shaping up to be crazy exciting, now Tate has shown how to win and the cracks in Rhonda armour.

On to more interesting news  MMA Legend Ken Shamrock Now Bodyguard For Rapper 50 Cent, I hope 50 knows he has lost his last few fights, however you got to make your money some how, some people do movies some people own gyms but hey ken shamrock -7-8-11 who has dubbed himself “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” has a new gig –protecting gangster rapper extraordinaire 50 Cent.

50 Cent has SERIOUSLY upgraded his personal security team … ’cause one of the guys watching his back is UFC Hall of Famer (and ex-WWE superstar) Ken Shamrock!!!! I hope its paying well sounds like a great gig.