SUPERBOWL WINNER DeShawn Shead Interview

Micah Adams March 13, 2014 1
SUPERBOWL WINNER DeShawn Shead Interview

DeShawn Shead (born June 28, 1989) is an American football safety who is currently playing for the Seattle Seahawks (the best team in the world) of the National Football League (NFL). He signed with the Seattle Seahawks as an undrafted free agent in 2012. He attended Highland High School and was a two-time All-Conference defensive back. He was named the winner of the 2006 National Football Foundation Scholar Athlete award. Most of all he is a SUPERBOWL CHAMPION.

I got to interview him and I am telling you from now this guy is going to make history.

Micah Adams: Thanks for taking the time out for the interview; I appreciate it I am feeling the 12th man love.


DeShawn Shead : No problem. Finally got a second to just chill!

Micah Adams: has it just been crazy hectic since the Superbowl?

DeShawn Shead: (nods head) Yea a lot of PR stuff and also a lot of business to take care of that we really couldn’t handle during the season!

Micah Adams: Of course I can only imagine, ok let’s get into it (slaps hands together). You embody the Seattle Seahawks way, never give up, underdogs, you were Undrafted in 2012 how did that feel, did you expect to be drafted?

DeShawn Shead:  Well I did expect to get drafted but when I did not get drafted immediately after the draft I got calls from several different teams, who really wanted me so I was not too discouraged! I was happy to get those calls!

Micah Adams: It seems like you were one of the lucky ones Since not being drafted, you immediately get these calls, then you signed in April 2012 and by December was on team, some players wait years to try and find a team, have to go Canada or indoor, what was it about you that beat the odds and went straight from signing to practice team, to the team. There had to be something about you it seems like they just could resist the Shead (Laughs)

DeShawn Shead: (Laughs) Well I am a very hard worker and when I have a goal I put 110% into whatever it is and I will always find a way to make something happen.  I also can play free safety and corner as well as strong safety which give me value to the team!  I do not want to take all the credit I definitely believe that God is the reason on what I have accomplished.

Micah Adams: That’s why we get along I’m a hybrid safety and corner too (laughs), so now you got me checking your answers twice as hard to see if I can pick up tips. (Tone gets serious). You played at Portland and were named PSU Most Outstanding Defensive Back for his first three seasons. Following his junior season, He was named to the second team All-Big Sky Conference. What was your experience playing at the college level?

DeShawn Shead: Yea (nods) it’s all about how valuable you are to the team and how much you can bring to it!  It’s a Non Stop grind and you always have to put in more than the minimum! I was Most Outstanding DB for All 4 years! I was Named 2nd team all-big sky twice and 1st team all-big sky my senior year with one year Honourable Mention!

Micah Adams: Wow, (looks impressed)

DeShawn Shead: I had a wonderful experience playing at the college! I started my freshman year so I was a caption as a sophomore so I had to mature quickly! But I embraced my role and took the lead for the next three years!  So I was well respected on and off the field which in turn helped in making my college experience a wonderful experience!

Micah Adams: Wow, Captain, please go on…

DeShawn Shead: Being a captain as a Sophmore took a lot of work because I was young and when you try to tell someone something it is hard for them to listen because they feel like they have been there longer! But as time went on I lead by example so it started to get easy! I have always been in that role so it was great earned that role in college as well!

Micah Adams: mmm you must have stood out then maturity wise, which speaks volumes, to move on though; the question on everyone’s lips the Superbowl, is it even real to you yet?

DeShawn Shead: (Inhales greatly) Yea it gets more real as each day passes!  I constantly think about the people who haven’t won the Super Bowl who have played for years! Then I about how there has only been 24 winners of the Super Bowl. So Maybe until I get that ring it will hit me a lot more! (Smiles)

Micah Adams: Crazy!! When you came on for Kam Chancellor what was running throw your head, knowing your about to play in the Superbowl.

DeShawn Shead: (Laughs) I was nervous for a total of 5 Seconds then I clicked that I have prepared for this moment i was ready to play! I was ready to finish the game if I had to!

Micah Adams: How do you pump yourself up you got phrase a thought a song a ritual?

DeShawn Shead: Music definitely helps and visualization before the game and The National Anthem pumps me up because I Know that the game is about to start immediately after!

Micah Adams: (Nods) Yeah it makes sense, what was your best moment from the night, and don’t just say having fun with the guys, what really happened?

DeShawn Shead: (Laughs) I was going to say the Party!

Micah Adams: (Laughs loudly)

DeShawn Shead: But getting in on defence was the best part of the night! I anticipated playing but didn’t think I will get in on defence!

Micah Adams: You deserved it man, you did the 40 yard dash time in an impressive 4.53 seconds, have you been watching the columbine if so what are your thoughts?

DeShawn Shead: I actually didn’t watch the combine! And not sure who to pick number one.

Micah Adams: You play on the SEATTLE SEAHAWKS, like does that ever just hit you a team potentially going into a “all-time great” team, what’s it like playing with the Russels, Shermans, Lynchs and how do you keep grounded, humble I know you mentioned God a lot.

DeShawn Shead: Yea God is what keeps me Humble, I am thankful and blessed to have this opportunity!  Playing with those guys is amazing! All Pro players that are the best of the best! i Learn a lot from each one of them and you get a lot of funny conversations! Great environment to be in!

Micah Adams: I bet I would love to sit in on Sherman interviewing Marshawn

(Both Laugh)

Micah Adams: If you could make yourself a promise of achievement, what would it be, who will I be interviewing this time next year, what will Espn and Rotoworld be saying about Deshawn Shead this time next year…

DeShawn Shead: You will be interviewing a Pro-Bowler who the world will think I came out of nowhere!

Micah Adams: So its worth having you on my fantasy team next year right?

DeShawn Shead: (Smiles) Yea it is so put the Seahawks Defence and special teams on your fantasy

Micah Adams: I’ll hold you to that, I spoke to buffalo bulls freshman DB who promised me he going be the best DB in college next year, you said pro-bowl and now I’m inspired so I’m going to try to be the best DB in the whole of Britain, I think that sounds like a plan, thank you so much for taking time with me, last question then it’s over lol funniest locker room story u must have one with people like Lynch, Bennet and Sherm around

DeShawn Shead: Well there have been multiple arguments of some random things that have been the funniest but can’t really pin point one single funny thing!

Micah Adams: You will have to tell me off the record.

(Both Laugh)


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  1. Mel April 12, 2014 at 11:50 pm - Reply

    Really enjoyed this interview, I can tell that this wasn’t just a regular interview but a fun conversation had between two people who love American Football – the personality from both Micah and Deshawn is very evident from reading this. Excellent questions and inspiring answers – very impressive interview done by DTD too!

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