Arsenal Betting Gone Wrong


Arsene Wenger may have been left seething by Arsenal’s loss at Old Trafford on Sunday, but the result was a whole lot more damaging for one reckless supporter in Uganda.

Take a deep breath what you are about to hear is going to make you lose faith in humanity, or maybe just Uganda, no offence, two football mad fans had the craziest bet over the Man United Arsenal game which has left, Gunners mad Henry Dhabasani homeless after betting his house with Manchester United fan Rashid Yiga.

Yiga is no better, possibly even worse he staked his new car, and his wife, that Moyes’ men boys would win.

So serious was the bet that the two men put down the stake in writing with local leaders and fellow fans drafted in as witnesses. The joke of it is, in what world in Uganda is it possible to legally bet your wife, thats what I feel is being over looked in the hilarity of this situation.

The Ugandan Observer reports that Dhabasani, who has three wives and five kids, fainted at the end of the match as the result of his folly sank in.

He was evicted on Monday after several United fans stormed his home and threw him and his family out.