Arsenal Next Manager: Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry the top scorer in Arsenal history announces retirement from football, which you have definitely heard, what you have probably heard is he joins Sky Sports as a pundit on a multimillion pound deal,  Thierry Henry will join Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher at Sky Sports.

However what you may not know is he will be the next Arsenal manager. Bookmakers have slashed the odds on Thierry Henry to be the next person to manage Arsenal after Arsene Wenger. Bookmakers bwin reported a ‘flurry of bets’ on Henry becoming next Arsenal manager leading to them shortening the odds from 80-1 to 14-1.

Glenn Woodage, a bookmaker at bwin said: “North London is alive with the idea that Thierry Henry is returning to Arsenal. With his playing career surely over, the punters seem to think that Henry is the man who can transform Arsenal from nearly men to invincibles once more. Our odds have plummeted – only Jurgen Klopp is considered the more likely replacement.”

The 4 reasons Thierry Henry will be the next Arsenal manager are

1. He basically said he will come back in some shape or form, Henry told L’Equipe last week that he would be open to a return to the Emirates.

“I have not taken any decision and speculation is not my thing. One thing is certain: I will stay in football, as a coach, a consultant or executive. We will see…The second certainty is that I would love to see Arsenal win the Champions League. Whether that is from near or far does not depend on me, but it is sure I’d like to help.”

Speaking on the Graham Norton Show, he said: “The thing is I have so much respect for Arsene, and if it does happen eventually (Wenger retiring), one day, it is going to have to be after him.

“I don’t actually want to talk about it right now because he is doing such a great job, but hopefully after him, yes.”

2. Wenger basically said it as well (this was said after he announced he was retiring by the way)

Certainly one day he will come back here. In what role I don’t know, that is what he has to think about – Wenger on Henry

3. His Friends are saying it

Former Arsenal midfielder Ray Parlour believes that Thierry Henry will one day manage the Gunners – but only if he wants to. Parlour played alongside Henry at Highbury for five years between 1999 and 2004, both playing a part in the 2003/04 ‘invincibles’ season.

He told talkSPORT: “I think he [Thierry Henry] will definitely get involved with Arsenal. I certainly believe, one day, if he really wants to be a manager, he will be manager of Arsenal.

4. Buys Wenger time 

It buys Wenger time to the Arsenal faithful who are screaming for Wenger to go out, if Wenger say there is a plan and eventually Henry will replace him after a few years learning and gaining the valuable experience he needs. The atmosphere around Arsenal is somewhat poisonous at present. Fans are splitting into factions and tensions are running high. The presence of banners criticising the manager has sparked aggression from both sides of the divide. It really buys Wenger the time he needs so he isn’t attacked by angry arsenal fans en route the team bus. Henry loves Wenger enough to do that for him

5. Arsenal absolutely needs him especially if they don’t make top 4 (which they will)

They are out of the 2014/15 title race and face the prospect of a daunting draw against a group-winner in the Champions League. Emulating their FA Cup success of last season seems improbable at best. The season is already petering into a familiar battle for fourth place.

Henry’s arrival would give everyone associated with the club a lift. Of course, it could never match the elation of a trophy win, but it would generate more excitement among the supporters than the turgid fare Wenger’s team are currently serving up at the Emirates Stadium.

The return of a legend like Henry is one of the few events with the potential to unite the supporters. He could be an effective antidote to the antipathy emanating through the club.