Bold Naked Yoga Hits New York

naked yoga

The new craze sweeping New York is naked yoga, in the latest of fitness trends this is one of the strangest but on some level it does make a lot  of sense, yoga all about stretching and flexibility and clothes can be restricting. For seven years,  of men had the opportunity to stretch in the buff at all male yoga classes held at Le Male Yoga. Now, women will have the change to have a go at it. The studio now goes by Bold & Naked Yoga and offers nude classes for both sexes, including co-ed options. This is not for the faint of heart and anyone who doesn’t like showering in public.

So why do people do it, what’s the big attraction

“The first thing that comes to mind is you save a lot of money—you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on Lululemon,” Joschi Schwarz, who co-owns the facility with Monika Werner., said jokingly to the blog Well + Good.

Now whilst most men might agree Yoga pants are the best thing since sliced bread, this is certainly a creative way to boycott the astronomical price of leggings. Plus, you don’t have to drag a gym bag to work, just your birthday suit.

According to their website:

Bold & Naked is not about being naked for naked’s sake, even though that’s perfectly fine. It is about liberation and being comfortable in your own skin and the amazing confidence that comes with it. It’s about knowing, accepting and loving yourself at your core – capable of anything and perfect as you are.”
“Women get held to such high standards about what they look like by magazines and Photoshopped images, and to sit and see that everybody has some issues with their bodies and be okay with it—it’ll create positive body image,” Werner said. “With clothes, you can hide, and when you’re naked, you can let it all out. And just to have a group of women together that support each other and to not care about what other people think. When you have more confidence in a naked body, you have more confidence in your clothed body.

When asked about what the etiquette was terms of shaving, hard ons, hygiene and more the response came that…

“I would say just be happy that your reproductive system works,” Schwarz said.

I’m not sure if Naked Yoga is for me but Yoga is definitely an amazing way to start the day and great way to add a bit of toning to a gym routine.