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Tony Romo Injury Healed?

The Dallas Cowboys seem ready and set for their game this Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Head Coach Jason Garrett appeared very relaxed and positive about the majority of his team but would not confirm any starting players, depending on their health at the time. It appears Rolando McClain has missed his third practice in a row and when prompted on his return to the game Garrett responded “We’ll see, hopefully he’ll do something today..not positive about that yet”, he did however, confirm that the 25 year old Line Backer had walked through the whole week. We are to assume he won’t play this Sunday but as we all know the NFL is full of surprises…

On entering the press conference Jason Garrett, as expected, was asked to explain the latest on Tony Romo, to which he replied “he looked pretty comfortable to me, he had a good day yesterday”. Out on the field in practice the Quarter Back appeared in great form and confident in his movement.

We asked Jason Garrett to reflect on the defensive team compared to last year and what ceilings they’ve faced so far: Garett explainedWe’ve done some good things, I think the guys understand our scheme and play it better, the guys have really stepped up, as players have been injured, players from the outside have come in and done a great job for us. I feel good about how they have improved. We certainly have room for improvement. They play with a relentless spirit…they are a physical group and you have to do that every week.”

The Head Coach also shared his views on…

Tyrone Crawford: ”We hope he can move around today, didn’t do anything the last two days.”

Playing at Wembley: ”First time we will practice at Wembley will be tomorrow, we will walk through, we’ve been told it’s a great field and stadium.We’re aware it can be thick at times but it’s been pretty slick because of the weather. It’s all about testing it out with the cleats and adjusting. We’ve played on grass plenty times before.

Jaguars’ Blake Bortles: ”He’s a talented player, strong athletic, good arm, tough and able to make a lot of plays, saw that in college and we see that in him with the Jaguars. As do most young QB’s he’s starting to get more and more comfortable. He’s a real competitor.”

The Dallas Cowboys will play against the Jacksonville Jaguars this Sunday at the Wembley Stadium.

What are your predictions for this Sunday?

Super Bowl 2015 On Channel 4


So Double Take has some amazing news for you Double Takers, Channel 4 will broadcast 21 live NFL matches during the 2014-15 season, the largest number of games ever shown on free-to-air television in the UK over the course of one campaign. FREE, I was just about to buy league pass as well so this news comes at the perfect time.

On top of that they will be showing all three matches played at Wembley, I plan to be as crazy and wild as possible so I can get seen on the screen, it will also show 17 other regular-season games and February’s Super Bowl as per usual.

Channel 4, who first brought American football to UK TV in 1982, will begin its coverage on Sunday when the Denver Broncos host the Indianapolis Colts. Super Bowl XLIX will be broadcast live from Glendale, near Phoenix in Arizona, with last year’s season showpiece watched by more than one million viewers. This is actually huge for the UK, it’s literally like they are trying all over again with the NFL and I think it will see extreme interest be renewed into the sport.

For NFL fans playing fantasy no longer must they games and scream inbetween lag, but can sit back relax turn on channel 4 and watch the greatest sport on earth NFL.

The Channel 4 commissioning editor for sport, Jamie Aitchison, said: “NFL fans in the UK are spoilt for choice this season on Channel 4; the Wembley games feature the likes of the Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins, two of the biggest names in the sport and icons from our coverage back in the 80s. We look forward to bringing the sport into more homes than ever.”

The live coverage will again be fronted by Nat Coombs and Mike Carlson, while The London Warriors DB Vernon Kay will hosts the highlights programme, The American Football Show, on Monday nights.

I can’t wait.


NFL Predictions: Week 10

The NFL has been full of surprises this season. Who would’ve thought the 49ers would be 4-5 and in danger of missing the playoffs and the Seahawks looking less like the defending Champions. The NFL truly means Not For Long and like the headline says Any Given Sunday, You either gunna win or lose, perhaps even tie! Here are my week 10 predictions:

Cleveland at Cincinnati:  This week kicks off with Thursday Night Football divisional battle between the Browns and the Bengals. The Browns have been good this season but I see the Bengals steeping it up a notch to win this one. Key Matchup: WR A J Green vs CB Joe Haden. Bengals 30, Browns 27.

Kansas City at Buffalo: Both teams are coming in on a roll, but this is a crucial game that the Bills cannot afford to lose as they chase a wild-card spot in the playoffs. Kansas City have perhaps the best pass rush in the league so should be an interesting game. Key Matchup: Bills O-Line vs Chiefs D-Line. Bills 24, Chiefs 23.

Miami at Detroit: The Dolphins are 3-1 on the road and have been firing on all cylinders lately. However, the Lions return from their bye week with Megatron and Bush along an inform Golden Tate, expect the Lions offense to give them this advantage, Key Matchup: WR Calvin Johnson vs CB Brent Grimes .Lions 30, Dolphins 24.

San Francisco at New Orleans: The 49ers have lost their last two games and it looks like they will miss the playoffs. The Saints played their best last week and is back to playing good football plus they are at home, Saints win in a close contest. Key Matchup: 49ers O-Line vs Saints Pass RushSaints 35, 49ers 31.

Pittsburgh at New York Jets: This could be the week’s No. 1 trap game with two teams going in opposite directions. The Steelers have won three consecutive, while the Jets have dropped eight in a row. Make it nine. Steelers 34, Jets 14.

Atlanta at Tampa Bay: The Falcons dominated the Bucs the last time these NFC South rivals met to a score of 56-14. Tampa has been very disappointing this season and will keep it close but still lose to Falcons aerial attack. Key Matchup: Falcons WR vs Buccaneers DB’s.  Falcons 24, Buccaneers 20.

Dallas vs. Jacksonville at London: The Cowboys should give Romo time to rest since this is the easiest game they will play all year and don’t need Romo to win. The Jags can cause an upset if they can stop the run, which they can’t do. Key Matchup: Cowboys O-Line vs Jags D-Line.  Cowboys 28, Jaguars 14.

Tennessee at Baltimore: After Losing two tough divisional games, look for the Ravens to bounce back with good performance and continue the playoff chase. The Titans should start evaluating for next year. Key Matchup: OLB T-Sizzle vs LT Taylor Lewan. Ravens 34, Titans 17.

Denver at Oakland: After the huge disappointment at Foxboro especially on the defensive side of the ball, Peyton Manning and the Broncos D are out for blood. However the Raiders will also take their shots and continue development of rookie QB Derek Carr. Key Matchup: TE Julius Thomas vs FS Charles Woodson. Broncos 48, Raiders 20.

St. Louis at Arizona: The Rams are coming off a stunning last-second win at San Francisco with their pass rush looking like its finally arrived, while Arizona is looking like the top team in the league with four consecutive wins. The Cardinals make it five in a row with an explosive offensive showing. Key Matchup: RE Robert Quinn vs LT Jared Veldheer.   Cardinals 30, Rams 12.

New York Giants at Seattle: The Giants downward spiral on the season continues and they lose a closely fought game to the Seahawks. The Seahawks have not looked like world champions since beating Green Bay in the opener. That trend continues, although they squeak one out. Key Matchup: RB Marshawn Lynch vs RE Jason Pierre Paul.   Seahawks 17, Giants 14.

Chicago at Green Bay:  The Packers have won 10 of their past 12 meetings with Chicago Bears. The Bears need to win this game to keep their slim play-off hopes alive but that’s easier said than done. Key Matchup: QB Aaron Rodgers vs QB Jay Cutler, the best QB on the day will win this game.  Packers 35, Bears 28.

Carolina at Philadelphia: The Panthers have not been as good as they were last year and are close to being a lock to miss out on the playoffs. Mark Sanchez looks revitalised in this Eagles Offense and could wind up being the starter if he continues to shine. Key Matchup: Panthers D-Line vs RB Lesean McCoy. Panthers 20, Eagles 24.

Byes: New England, San Diego, Houston, Indianapolis, Washington, Minnesota


So the NFL hate us, they say they want to build up the sport  but they are sending us the New York Jets, the Miami Dolphins, the Bills and the Jaguars, lets all be sad together, however they are also sending the Chiefs and Lions, the New York Jets-Miami Dolphins rivalry will head overseas next season, as the AFC East opponents are scheduled to play in London, the league said Thursday. It will be the first divisional game in the history of the London series.

I am only half complaining though, and I am fully aware that I will be at all of the games, I am also aware due to trades/draft pics anyone of those teams could look totally different next year. the Jets Miami game will take place Oct. 4, 2015, in Week 4. The Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars will meet in London on Oct. 25 in Week 7, and the Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs will play there Nov. 1 in Week 8.

The Week 4 game will be a Dolphins home game. The Jets still will have eight home games at MetLife Stadium. The Jaguars and Chiefs will be the home teams in the other two games.

“As long as I’m on that plane, it’ll be a great trip,” said Jets coach Rex Ryan, who could (will) be fired after the season. “I’m looking forward to it.”

The game will mark the Dolphins’ third trip to London. They faced the Raiders there earlier this season, and they played the Giants in 2007, the Jaguars are long time London fans and Detroit was here against Atlanta this year so a bit of familiarity is building with the squads and London.

The Jets never have played in London. Their last game overseas was a 2003 preseason game in Tokyo against the Buccaneers. The Bills and Chiefs also will be making their London debuts.


“We believe we have a great 2015 schedule that will continue to attract new fans to our sport and strengthen the bonds with our existing fans,” NFL executive vice president of international Mark Waller said in a statement. “To provide U.K. fans the opportunity to see games on consecutive weekends, to see new teams, and to attend a division game, which feature some of the most passionate rivalries in our sport, are signs of the growth and depth of our U.K. fan base.”

Said Lions president Tom Lewand: “It’s another marker on the journey to an eventual long-term plan over there. Another milepost, about whether or not the support is there on a back-to-back basis. It was, we took a leap this year when we went from two games to three. Next year we’ll take another leap when you have a division game over there and then you have back-to-back games that will occur in Week 7 and Week 8. It’s another point of reference, another point of experience just to continue to build that brand and again, looking for whatever the right long-term solution is.”

The Jaguars have agreed to play a home game in London for four years through 2016.

Key players to look out for



calvin johnson catch 2 2015 UK NFL GAMES

Lamar Miller

lamar 2015 UK NFL GAMES

Sammy Watkins


Percy Harvin

percy harvin kickoff return01302014 2015 UK NFL GAMES


Charles35Run 2015 UK NFL GAMES

Girl’s Football Icon: Interview With Jen Welter

Jen Welter

Jennifer Welter, 36, made her professional football debut playing for the Texas Revolution, an indoor team.
The first female Running Back didn’t make any touchdowns and took several painful tackles from linemen nearly twice her weight..

And we at DoubleTakeDebate were lucky enough to interview her

Q1). You have a huge track record, won gold medals and have been one of the best players in Women’s Football, so how has this period been for you?

Jen Welter 2

JW: It’s been great, it’s shown that women can compete and play football with Men and take the big hits. For me, my biggest goal was to come and be a good team mate and go hard and played. The biggest point for the coach and I was to be treated as one of the guys and no special treatment. I mean I give the coach a lot of credit for the tone he set for the guys to ignore that I am woman and the general consensus of you not allowed to hit women and treat me as a football player. I’m talking big linebackers hitting me and me bouncing back and going hard and still executing my assignments as a running back. The guys were great too, treating me as one of their own and cheering me on when I make huge block and helping me up when I’m up.

Q2). What made you decide to play with the guys?

JW: They came to me and asked me. Even in the women’s game I was tiny and this was not my goal at all. I have always wanted the women’s game to have more support but this was an interesting opportunity. I spoke to friends and huge people from the women’s game that I respected and felt they would be mad even if I said NO. I felt I was chosen for a reason and felt I could provide an awareness that women can play too.

Q3) How have the guys treated you in the Locker Room.. Hope it ain’t been like the Richie Ignito & Jonathan Martin Scenario?

JW: The guys were great and it was nothing like that. Obviously in the beginning there were some tensions involved especially if any other team tried to disrespect me and stuff. As for the locker room itself, we joke and chill like any other room. It’s more like innocent play and banter. The one thing I refused to allow is let other teams use me to get in my team mates head by talking smack and making jokes. I just tell the guys to not even dare try to step in and just focus on the game. I’m having fun with it and loads of it. I don’t take offense since the women’s league talks even more trash!!
The guys take it seriously and are very proud of me. Like when they see how I get crushed and still get up, they like Jen, you are tough!!

Jen Welter 3

Q4.) You heard about Sam Gordon balling for her pee-wee team and tearing it up against much bigger boys?!

JW: Yea and that signifies the diversity and beauty of football. That is what I love about football, it’s a games whereby you need all kind of dynamic players, fast and tall, short and quick and it doesn’t work if you don’t have all these parts! (Agree on that) I have made life time bond with people due to football and football forms great bonds.
People thing I am advocating boys playing with girls but I tell them no, I am advocating following your passion no matter what.

Q5): What are your opinions on the lingerie football league?

JW: It’s a gimmick and not real. Don’t get me wrong because I’ve seen some great athletes in the LFL, however the question is do you want to be taken seriously as an athlete and a football player or do you want to take your clothes off to play football. I feel it takes the women’s game back and undermines the game. The game is set up for TV and they have rules to minimize contact and does not relate to NFL because they are undressing the women and taking the sport out of it.

Jen Welter 4

Q6). How do you think NFL can better support women’s football and establish a WNFL like the WNBA?

JW: First of all in December, IFAF made progress in establishing football as an Olympic event and not just Men’s football and got a conditional acceptance from the IOC. The door has been opened for American football to become an Olympic sport by 2017 and could open in 2024. As you know, the NFL is a business and is making huge sums of money. So once it becomes an Olympic sport and the NFL sees how profitable it is, it could interest them in creating a WNFL for the women’s game too. There are some improvements showing a lot more girls playing with the guys in football and a grass roots level improvements are being made.
Women is the future of growth in football since they spend most on the clothing, putting on the parties and are proving to be successful at playing the game. It is also showing that people want to see them do it too.
I believe a WNFL will be made once the business model makes sense financially for the owners and the league.

Q7). Any words of encouragement?

JW: I just hope that my purpose and I playing with the men can create more awareness that women can play football. I did this to inspire people and other females with passion to play football so that they can take the baton and run even further than I have done. I mean I switched sides from defense to offense but I accepted it, I am still learning and have a great team around me and still want to improve. It is about showing that football is diverse and this isn’t about the publicity or that, it is much more about showing that women can be humble and play football and can compete too.