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Danny Connor vs Chris Evangelou Rematch

chrisWe sit down with Chris “the flash” Evangelou in this exclusive interview to discuss his upcoming rematch, for the title, with Danny Connor. Chris delves into his feelings about the previous decision that went against him (controversially), his intense training regiment, keeping focused, the importance of his faith and a message for his fans. A great interview, with a highly focused highly talented young man. A great watch for boxing and sporting fans alike.

Amir Kahn And Other Thoughts

Amir Kahn has a new trainer called Virgil Hunter, who is supposed to be an expert when it comes to the art of defence. Hunter commented he will make him a complete fighter and said “he has never really had a defence”. However before Amir Kahn thinks about his in ring defence, he may want to look closer to home! It seems there is competition in his own family, now that his younger brother Haroon has become professional as well. Kahn said “He’s got a lot of talent and I know he can achieve a lot”.  The 21-year-old Haroon, a bronze medallist at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, has been signed by Amir’s new promotions company.

Maybe one day these two will fight but for now it seems they are fighting together. Sneaky (but surely obvious) little tip of the day; do not try rob a professional boxer and his boxer brother, because fighting is actually their job.

Via The Sun:

“‘The former world champ and his boxing brother Haroon, 20, were ambushed early yesterday morning as they returned to the flash motor after a night out.

At least six men used a 4×4 to block the 25-year-old light welterweight’s path — but despite being heavily outnumbered, the pair fought back and landed a flurry of blows.

An onlooker said: “These guys tried to jump Amir and his brother but they picked on the wrong blokes. They parked their car in front of the Range Rover. At least one had a cosh. One slapped Amir and clipped him on the lip but Amir pulled back and knocked him out cold. Then five of them went for Amir and Haroon — but they stood their ground and these guys got dropped one by one. They left these men with cuts and bruises but all they were doing was defending their property.’”

Good on you Amir, I can’t understand the robbers logic, but kudos to the Khan family for standing their ground!


Chris Eubank Jr seems to be making headline lately, fighting as the undercard in the DeGale fight, and drawing suggestions that perhaps could emulate his fathers success. Chris himself commented that:

“There are people that don’t like me, who say I’m living off my dad’s name,” , going on to say  ”But the greatest thing I can learn from him is to believe in myself. He was hated, people said he wasn’t going to make it and wanted him to lose. But he knew he was going to make it and get these people on his side.”

I have personally watched him fight and he absolutely has the potential to be successful in the ring. As good as his father I’m not so sure but it definitely helps when you have a great mentor and trainer in his corner.


Gay Athletes. Myself and Luke literally spoke about this a few weeks ago; what would happen if a major athlete came out as gay while still playing? We talked more about team sports, such as football and basketball, but you can’t get more of a “macho” sport then boxing, and it has happened.

Puerto Rican featherweight Orlando Cruz has become the first active boxer to publicly reveal he is gay and he is on the verge of fighting in a world title fight with the WBO. Cruz said

“I’ve been fighting for more than 24 years and as I continue my career, I want to be true to myself,” he went on to say “I want to try to be the best role model I can for kids who might look into boxing as a sport and a professional career”


I have mixed feelings about this I will be honest. I am not one who advocates homosexuality, however I also have a problem with people getting married for having a baby or girls being with men for money. The point I am making is that people should be allowed to be “true to themselves”, if that’s their decision in life then by all means I wish them happiness. I am completely against forcing someone into living a certain way (living a lie).

However my issue becomes when what happens in the bedroom begins to define who we are. It really shouldn’t matter. Not that Cruz shouldn’t of come out but I fear the media will turn this into some kind of spectacle and parade; should other boxers also come out that they are straight just so every body knows exactly were they stand? What about people who have desires for those who are not their ethnic group, in some cultures that as big as being gay, should they announce it?

I understand in today’s society it takes a brave man to do what Cruz has done but if we over serenade this admission the issue becomes a spectacle. As Morgan Freeman once said; the easiest way to stop racism (different topic but same affect) is to just ignore it (within reason). I don’t need to know if Cruz has a crush on Stacey Dash or Denzel Washington. I just want to see him fight. Lets not make boxing about anything more than a sport, what you do in your pillow talk hours is up to you mate. Lets not celebrate someone for this, please lets not start giving away sportsmen of the year awards and other awards, certificates and medals and lets just get onto to watching some good fights.