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Introducing Ashley!

Here at Double Take Debate, we pride ourselves in providing the best information from the people who know best, we have searched globally for people who can provide fitness advice for our DTD audience and have visible proof of amazing results. We hope that these ordinary people who have made their lives extraordinary with sheer determination and passion will encourage you to strive towards your goals…

All the way from sunny Los Angeles, CA, we have Ashley Joy who will be contributing her fitness advice and motivation regularly for you all. She shares her story with us:

“My name is Ashley Robinson but I am often nick named “AshRock, AshleyJoy, or Baby Hulk”, I’m from a small town called Apple Valley in CA and the youngest of 6 children.  I doubled majored in Psychology and Communication Studies at University of Rhode Island. I love sports; softball, tennis, soccer, gymnastics, weightlifting, track and field…I was the captain of New England Champion 4×400 M relay and I am the senior record holder of 200M…

I’ve always been in love with sports the idea of a team the challenge it gives you and always having an opportunity to achieve a goal. Being a leader, team player and being able to escape mentally into another world.  I started running track at the age of 13 because I was cut from my middle school soccer team it was my first experience of “politics” in sports. I said to myself I will show them I am someone. 5 years later I earned a full ride scholarship to the University of Rhode Island  and it was my aim to get away from California and experience life .   College sports is not what I thought it was going to be. It required more dedication than I thought. I learned the passion for being and striving to be the best physically fit possible. My freshman year was great; ran well, good grades and lived life. But I was not aware of what was coming for the next 2 1/2 years. The summer of 2006 I became depressed and on medication by the fall. Depression was the darkest and worst pain I have ever felt. It was uncharacteristic felt no passion, always fatigued, no appetite crying spells and a lack of interest in all the things I once loved. My friends did not understand and my family supported me from a distance. I was in therapy from my  sophomore year until the day after I graduated from college.  I wanted to leave college I wanted to be able to laugh again I wanted to run with confidence. Most of my college years I fought through depression which tested class practice, relationships and my friendship with teammates
Etc. The summer of 08 I traveled to Spain for a month and did self searching and living, I decided I wanted to be happy again and was not going to let anything get in the way. The day I graduated I looked back at all I had over come and seeing my family in the audience I knew it was all worth it and my story will make sense later in life.

After-college life was not as bright as the SoCal sun. The first year after graduation my parents divorced my dad lost his job and I was searching for a place to belong. I trained for a fitness competition but was side swiped by my dad loosing his job and needing to find a job to support myself. But the feeling of passion dedication and striving to be the in the best physical shape came rushing back to me! Another 2 years went by, working and getting back into school, dating hardship and barely stepping foot into the gym. I found myself drinking more, going out, eating terribly and working nonstop – just unhappy. The summer of 2012 I met a guy named Brian at the Santa Monica stairs and he introduced me to Herbalife and other health coaches. There was this sense of team and passion I was immediately introduced to. I felt I could get back into shape and change my life around. I started attending bible study Wednesday nights working on my faith and becoming the woman I desired to be and was envious of others who were already there. I started tracking my spiritual growth and fitness progress on Instagram and my story touched others; people could relate and I found my passion once again. I train and am a health coach to people who seek my help. I plan on always helping and inspiring others to get back their happiness!”

Great Healthy Diets.

healthy diet

While supplements can help you to be healthier, you need to do some research first — there are good ones and bad ones.  To make your fitness goals simpler to achieve, focus on a healthy diet. Have a look at this great video for ideas of things you can cook. Let us know any of your ideas or diets you have tried this year.

Blackhawks: 17 Seconds To Score Two Goals

With the game on the line down 1, Bryan Bickell and Dave Bolland stepped up scoring two goals in an impressive 17 seconds to pull through and win the Stanley Cup. With such a gripping and dramatic comeback, there’s no wonder sports is much-loved across the globe.
Milan Lucic’s third-period goal was set to give the Bruins a 2-1 victory and a new lease of life in the final.
But with Chicago goalie Corey Crawford out for an extra attacker, Bickell tied it up at 18:44 after Jonathan Toews circled out of the corner when Boston was unable to clear the puck. With two teammates waiting for him in front of goal, Toews chose Bickell and the game was suddenly tied.

What a heart breaking moment for Bruins fans.

Corey Crawford made 23 saves to record the victory — and exorcise some demons after allowing goals in consecutive overtimes in a first-round postseason departure at the hands of the Coyotes last year — and Toews had a goal and an assist for the Hawks.

“Everyone was behind each other,” Crawford said. “We worked hard for each other all year and I’m so proud of everyone in that room.”

Chris Kelly and Milan Lucic scored for the Bruins, with Lucic’s goal with 7:49 to go threatening to send the series back to Chicago for a Game 7. But Tuukka Rask couldn’t hold off a furious attack and allowed Bolland’s goal at 19:01 of the third off a rebound of a Johnny Oduya shot.

“The puck went back to the ‘D,’ and (Oduya) shot it,” Bolland said. “All I knew was it was sitting in front of me, so I had to tap it in. As a team we just never give up. We’d battled back from bigger deficits than this. As a team, we did it all.”

Patrick Kane, who had nine goals and 10 assists in 23 games, was awarded the Conn Smythe Trophy as the most valuable player of the postseason.

“All the hard work pays off in the end,” Kane said. “These are the feelings you live for. It’s going to be a great summer enjoying this. This year we had a great team and we really followed through. Being down 2-1 (on Monday night) in the last couple of minutes, coming back and winning in regulation, it’s just unbelievable, this team.”

President John McDonough added: “It was a grueling two months. These guys played their absolute best when their backs were against the wall. We’re going to savor (Monday). I think lightning just struck.”

Bold Naked Yoga Hits New York

naked yoga

The new craze sweeping New York is naked yoga, in the latest of fitness trends this is one of the strangest but on some level it does make a lot  of sense, yoga all about stretching and flexibility and clothes can be restricting. For seven years,  of men had the opportunity to stretch in the buff at all male yoga classes held at Le Male Yoga. Now, women will have the change to have a go at it. The studio now goes by Bold & Naked Yoga and offers nude classes for both sexes, including co-ed options. This is not for the faint of heart and anyone who doesn’t like showering in public.

So why do people do it, what’s the big attraction

“The first thing that comes to mind is you save a lot of money—you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on Lululemon,” Joschi Schwarz, who co-owns the facility with Monika Werner., said jokingly to the blog Well + Good.

Now whilst most men might agree Yoga pants are the best thing since sliced bread, this is certainly a creative way to boycott the astronomical price of leggings. Plus, you don’t have to drag a gym bag to work, just your birthday suit.

According to their website:

Bold & Naked is not about being naked for naked’s sake, even though that’s perfectly fine. It is about liberation and being comfortable in your own skin and the amazing confidence that comes with it. It’s about knowing, accepting and loving yourself at your core – capable of anything and perfect as you are.”
“Women get held to such high standards about what they look like by magazines and Photoshopped images, and to sit and see that everybody has some issues with their bodies and be okay with it—it’ll create positive body image,” Werner said. “With clothes, you can hide, and when you’re naked, you can let it all out. And just to have a group of women together that support each other and to not care about what other people think. When you have more confidence in a naked body, you have more confidence in your clothed body.

When asked about what the etiquette was terms of shaving, hard ons, hygiene and more the response came that…

“I would say just be happy that your reproductive system works,” Schwarz said.

I’m not sure if Naked Yoga is for me but Yoga is definitely an amazing way to start the day and great way to add a bit of toning to a gym routine.


Tropical Wholefoods Review

tropical wholefoods

I love me some snacking products to review so it was no surprise I was very excited to try a range of Tropical Wholefoods’ products. Tropical Wholefoods started out in the 1990′s when Kate Sebag and Adam Brett who were working in Uganda at the time decided to find a way to help local Ugandan farmers sell their products at good prices in Europe.

They explain the process behind developing and cultivating these fruit and product on their website and also who they buy from. It’s companies like these that need even more recognition, no one loses out, the farmers get paid fairly, we get great products and it benefits out health!

Tropical Wholefoods Products

Sun dried banana (Bogoya): Their sun dried bananas are natural and organic, all have been hand sliced and dried in solar driers, free from sugar or preservatives. These babies are great for your refeeds day if you carb cycle like me too. They are yummy and high in fibre too so if you have digestive problems these may be one step in the direction of sorting that out.

tropical wholefoods 2Pineapple & Cashew bar: My favourite bar of them all! The pineapple gives the bar a serious tang! (try it at 11am at work and watch your energy levels peak) but the cashew gives it this nutty, gritty texture and flavour.

Apricot and raisin bar: For the more conservative, if your palette isn’t too adventurous go with this one, it’s not to say it is bland at all, it’s a lovely bar but it’s not too weird and wonderful so this is a bar that most will enjoy!

Organic Dried Mango (on sale at the moment, quick!): Anyone who knows me will know I love my mangoes, and even more so dried mango, you can tell they are organic because each strip is unique in flavour and texture. Some have a tang to them and others are very sweet. Parents, your kids will love these as a snack at school, they are the closest things to sweets that are natural and are so good for them.

Skins A400 Compression Top Review

skinsI was gifted my Skins A400 Compression long sleeve top to review, this is actually the first compression top I have ever tried and I loved it, I was afraid it would stop me being able to move as easily but the stitching can take a lot of stretching and remains solid. I played at 9pm in the cold and it really did keep me warm and the next day my muscles where not as fatigued as to what I am use to, I really loved the sizing chart sometimes when we buy fitness equipment, small medium and large is just not good enough, so I loved the sizing chart.
The A400 Men’s Compression Long Sleeve Top comes in at around £75.00

SKINS A400 Men’s Compression Long Sleeve Tops supercharge your performance naturally, whatever sport you play. Dynamic gradient compression accelerates your blood flow to deliver more oxygen to your core muscles for more power and endurance.
I was wildly happy that it did what it says on the tin, I really noticed the promised improved core body control and power, as well as less post-exercise muscle soreness. I haven’t wore enough to see but they do say that there is biomechanically placed Memory MX fabric over the spine and around the scapula and obliques provides constant, controlled compression and unrestricted movement to help you to avoid the type of muscle damage you sustain in action, but only notice when you cool down.

I really think this product is worth the money and is definitely something I will continue to use and train with, the professionalism of the product and the packaging surprised me and until the last 5 minutes of training I really benefited from the benefits, its so nice to use a product and it does what it says.

The A400 Men’s Compression Long Sleeve Top comes in at around £75.00 (GBP), some of the benefits are;

Skins A400 Benefits

More oxygen to your muscles

Dynamic gradient compression gets more oxygen filled blood to your active muscles for increased power and stamina

More Control

Memory MX fabric maximises your stability and control while channeling the direction of your core muscles

Recover quicker

Less lactic acid build-up, less muscle vibration and less pain in the morning

More details

Hem gripper, stretch airflow mesh under the arms, taped and bonded sleeves

76% Nylon – 24% Elastane

SKINS A400 Men’s Compression Long Sleeve Tops supercharge your performance naturally, whatever sport you play. Dynamic gradient compression accelerates your blood flow to deliver more oxygen to your core muscles for more power and endurance.

I was wildly happy that it did what it says on the tin, I really noticed the promised improved core body control and power, as well as less post-exercise muscle soreness. I haven’t wore enough to see but they do say that there is biomechanically placed Memory MX fabric over the spine and around the scapula and obliques provides constant, controlled compression and unrestricted movement to help you to avoid the type of muscle damage you sustain in action, but only notice when you cool down.

I really think this product is worth the money and is definitely something I will continue to use and train with, the professionalism of the product and the packaging surprised me and until the last 5 minutes of training I really benefited from the benefits, its so nice to use a product and it does what it says.

Skins A400 Features

  • Muscle Focus

Uniquely wrapping and supporting your key muscle groups to reduce movement and focus direction for less vibration in your muscles, less soft tissue damage and less soreness after exercise

  • Memory MX

Memory MX fabric contains a unique high stretch elastomeric yarn – which returns to its original shape no matter how much stress you put it under

  • Warp Knit

The fabric in SKINS is warp knitted using multiple fine quality yarns to give superior performance – Warp knit fabrics have no natural stretch – instead, the spandex mix ensures specific levels of elasticity and perfectly controlled compression

  • Moisture Management

Keeping you dry through advanced wicking is inherent in all SKINS fabrics – moisture is drawn away from your skin, so you stay dry and comfortable

  • 50+ UV Protection

SKINS was born in Australia, so we know a thing or two about exerting ourselves in the sun. Our fabrics have a UV protection of 50+, which means you can get out and train harder without worrying about the sun related risks.

  • 400 Fit

A super comfortable fit, more precise, targeted Gradient Compression and in some cases, a greater range of leg lengths for men and different body shapes for women

After using both the Skins and 2XU both had differing benefits so I really am torn, but for now Skins have a new fan.

Introducing Jessica!

We are excited to introduce to you another fitness expert who is a part of the DTD family, her inspirational, moving and motivational story is sure to get you looking for your nearest gym. We have sourced real people, with real stories who have tried it all to eventually get great results and in doing so, would like to share with you what worked best for them. So all the way from the USA, we introduce to you, Jessica Smith…

“My name is Jessica Smith and I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Born to a teenage mother, we had a very strict budget and nutrition was not a main concern. I grew up on frank and beans and butter sandwiches. That’s right, not peanut butter and jelly but just straight up BUTTER. I never thought twice about what I put in my mouth and my favorite things to eat were quesadillas and ice cream. Aside from my mother, I was the only girl in a house of men so I’ve been a tomboy pretty much my whole life. I never participated in sports but I loved video games and riding bikes. I had always been fairly thin but all that changed when I hit 18 and my metabolism came to a screeching halt.

I moved out to attend college for a semester and ended up experiencing the dreaded “Freshmen 15.” I lived off of potatoes and top ramen for half a year, gained a bunch of weight, developed psoriasis and horrible acne. My acne was so bad that I had to see a dermatologist once a week to get shots in my face (oww). I ended up moving back home and met my future husband. This was great for my love life but horrible for my relationship with food. My husband and I both love food and video games. When we first met, we ate out several times a day, everyday. Often times, we would pick up restaurant food and park in front of the TV for hours. At one point, we would plan out our fat adventures far in advance. We would go to sleep around 6-7pm specifically to wake up at 3am and eat at Carrows. Then we would go right back to sleep. These were just our weekday shenanigans. On the weekends, I would binge drink to the point of belligerency. I was normally the person being dared to do something really stupid and thus “Jess the mess” was born. Aside from my horrible eating habits, I wasn’t very active. I have always loved being outdoors and participating in various activities but I never did this on a regular basis.

Around 2005, I decided I was going to change. I joined Ballys and hired a personal trainer but I didn’t commit to a nutrition plan. I’m not sure why I thought I could lose weight when I religiously ate crumb donuts, Starbucks, guacamole chips, and snickers on a daily basis. Oh yeah, I would lose weight because I pounded Hydroxycut pills.  I ended up gaining even more weight and I looked very solid, like a pit-bull. I was also tired all of the time and jittery because of the Hydroxycut. In 2007, I tore the meniscus in my right knee while playing airsoft. I didn’t have the money to pay for surgery so I avoided jumping and running for several years. A couple of years later my knee buckled and caused me to fall down the stairs. I may or may not have also been drunk at the time.  A knee surgery and several months of physical therapy later, my knee felt like it would never be the same. People told me it would never be the same and I thought they were right. My injury caused me to pack on even more weight. By this time, I was depressed and I hated the way I looked. My husband had also gained 30lbs and we both decided it was time to make a change. In our ignorance, we ended up doing a crash diet. We ate nothing but small amounts of lean meat and veggies. We ended up losing a massive amount of weight and we looked sick. I dropped 30lbs and ended up weighing around 98lbs. With all of that weightloss, I STILL hated the way I looked. I was 98lbs with a gut and no curves. We went through a vicious cycle of starving ourselves and binge eating for several months. I tried to find balance in my diet but didn’t do any research. I ended up eating pseudo healthy food and maintained my unhealthy weight loss. I also picked up yoga and playing tennis.

In 2009, my world spiraled out of control when I received the devastating news of my little brother’s passing. Heartbroken, I turned to alcohol and food. I started binge drinking daily and could careless about nutrition. I was depressed and angry all the time. I am not a person who easily shares my emotions so a lot of people didn’t know what I was going through. My husband was there for me and made it clear that I was headed down a dangerous path. For next couple of years I continued my failed attempts at fitness. In 2011 I became a “cardio queen.” I did about 10 Zumba classes or more a week and sometimes did cardio for hours at a time. When I decided to incorporate weight training, I would seriously walk around the gym aimlessly and choose random machines. While I was on the machine, I picked a very light weight and would sometimes even Facebook while lifting weights.         

In Nov 2011, I got a call from the producers of the show “Wipeout” saying they wanted to interview me from an application I filled out years prior. The possibility of being on the show gave me a new motivational purpose and made me see working out in a different light. I didn’t want to look like a fool on TV so I decided to focus on my agility, strength, balance, and endurance. I had always been a fan of the show “Ninja Warrior,” and “Wipeout” was kind of like that so I was super excited. I joined Instagram shortly after that and saw all of the amazing people who are into fitness. I started doing research and months into my endeavor, I didn’t even care about the show anymore. I started weightlifting (for real this time) and tracked my workouts. In Aug 2012, I became very serious about my training. This is when I’d say I became obsessed with fitness. From August 2012 to about November 2012, I went from having a muffin top to having a 6 pack. I worked on building strong leg muscles to support my knee. I stopped paying attention to how much weight I’d lost. This also motivated me to start eating clean and caused me to have a different relationship with food. I never ended up on the show “Wipeout” but I’ve gained so much more. I now have a happy healthy body free of aches and pains.

I’ve been overweight and I’ve been underweight. I’ve tried every fitness craze from cardio belly dancing to ballet booty workouts. What I love about fitness is that it’s for everyone! It doesn’t matter where you’re from, who you were yesterday, or who you are today. It is never too late to become the person you want to become. I’d be happy if my story motivates even one person to make a change for the better. I can truly say that fitness changed my life for the better. I’m happier with whom I am and everyday I have a sense of accomplishment. Currently, I’m training for my first NPC Bikini Competition and I’m helping people on Instagram daily with health and fitness questions. I would have never dreamed I’d feel comfortable in a bikini, let alone compete in a bikini competition. I’ve had adversities but I finally learned to use them to propel me forward. I’ll leave you guys with my favorite quote;

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?……And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Jessica is a regular Instagram user and below are some shots of her pictures that have inspired hundreds of people:


How To Naturally Get Bigger Breasts

When it comes to women and working out, one of the most rewarding aspects of course is achieving a substantial amount of weight loss, however, weight loss in undesired places can be both frustrating and difficult to deal with. We’re always told ‘You can’t target areas of your body to lose fat’ which is a tricky situation for females who simply want to lose stomach fat but really want to keep the big boobs they have. The majority of our breast is made up of a lot of fat tissue which means, as you work out, your breasts will inevitably lose some size too.

For years women have been trying to find ways to avoid this excruciating outcome (let’s face it, boobs are not everything but there is a sense of femininity about them and losing them can be tough to come to terms with). We see the most dedicated bikini competitors and they once had. Yes, you can work your chest muscles but it’s not quite the same.

Not every female has the money and more importantly the courage to go under the knife to get surgery for implants and with the breast implant scare that circulated the UK not long ago, there’s no wonder women are desperately searching online for safer and more affordable alternatives.

Research shows that there are in fact some natural products and light exercises you can do at home that have enlarged female’s breasts. The first exercise routine place a stress on breast cells which adjust to build these tissues but regular activity. I have not personally tried this and have not tried the product I will share with you, I’m simply sharing research, however if I do manage to try this out I will give my honest verdict on the exercises and product and see if it works.

Here is a description of the exercise that many women claim to work:

“Stand two feet far from solid wall structure. At this point keep your hands jointly as well as form a triangle through pressing the thumbs as well as tip palms of the arms. Now slowly down your arms so they are immediately facing your boobs.

Increase your hands in front of you till them touching targeted walls. Now trim forward on your feet till your head hit targeted wall. Now, by using your arms staying with the wall, instantly force away from the wall by using your hands and higher breast area durability, before you are straight once again.

Pertaining to maximum benefits, aim to keep the overall body firm in the course of these movements. You can repeat this exercise 6 to 12 times. You must feeling from this exercise on your hands and upper breast. You are able to perform an additional model with the walls push-up on to the ground.”

A product that appears to be very big at the moment is Big B-36 oil which must be massaged onto your breast including the consumption of Big B-36 capsuls which is available online. This Big B-36 oil has herbal remedies which have an impact on inner tissues and arteries and and assist in increasing dimension and stiffness. The largest advantage of this oil is it apparently opens-up blocked capillaries and encourages circulation. As a result of impact involving herbal remedies used in this oil girls acquire flexible, firmer and silky skin which help their bosom area appear more radiant and also attractive. Massage therapy using big B-36 oil maintains stiffness, dimension and suppleness involving skin pertaining to more time period throughout living quickly.  This capsule has no reported side effects and can be used by women of all ages.

Again, these are products I have not yet used, just passing on information. If you have used them or are using them then let me know how it’s going for you.

Drake Lifting Fail

drake lifting weights

How not to do a deadlift by Drake

Roll on the Drake jokes,  ”Drake the type of n**** to apologize to the weights for slamming them” and so on we would love to hear your best one. But in all seriousness this is exactly HOW NOT TO DO A DEADLIFT and how exactly drake could end up looking like this again.

drake degrassi

Doing deadlifts and other activities in the gym wrong can cause severe problems especially with the spine. Have a look at what your form should really be like.

Always start with the bar on the floor. Pulling from the safety pins is a Rack Pull. Deadlifting top down is a Romanian Deadlift. With conventional DEADlifts the bar must always start on the floor. Here’s how to Deadlift in 5 easy steps:

  1. Stand with the bar above the center of your feet – your stance should be a bit more narrow than shoulder-width to give your arms room.
  2. Grab the bar overhand so your arms are vertical to the floor – if your hamstrings are tight, do Squat 2 stands to boost your hip flexibility.
  3. Bend through your knees until your shins hit the bar which must remain above the middle of your feet. Shoulder-blades directly over the bar.
  4. Lift your chest but don’t squeeze your shoulder-blades like on Squats. Just put your shoulders back & down, head inline with rest of your spine.
  5. Pull – keep the bar close to your body, roll it over your knees and thighs until your hips and knees are locked. Do not lean back at the top.

Herbalife Formula 1 Review

This morning I had the pleasure of attending a health exhibition at Birmingham City University and finally got to meet some representatives behind the much talked about Herbalife health company. I was given a goodie bag of tasty treats and the first I have already tried is their Formula 1 Express Meal Bar. This was perfect for me as I hadn’t prepped my meals for the day and was out and about with no lunch (tut, tut) so Herbalife saved the day! This bar is not a protein bar, it’s not a snack, it’s actually designed to replace a whole meal. At first glance I thought there is no way this is going to fill me up but it did, I think I could have eaten a few bites more but I felt satisfied and was no longer hungry.

Herbalife Formula 1 Review Highlights

  • High in fibre and soy protein for sustained energy levels and to help keep you feeling fuller for longer
  • Low gylcemic index (GI)
  • Contains soy: the inclusion of at least 25g of soy protein a day, as part of a diet low in saturated fat can help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Contains essential vitamins and minerals to help you reach your Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA)
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Nutritionally balanced and tasty meal in a convenient and portable bar.It is important to maintain a nutritionally balanced diet which we can all agree is tough at times when we get caught up with life’s daily duties. The Herbal Life Formula 1 Express Meal bar is essential for keeping your caloric intake down to avoid putting on extra weight whilst also providing you with essential vitamins and minerals, giving you a long lasting carbohydrate and protein intake to feel fuller for longer.
  • Verdict: The bar is very yummy, I tried their chocolate crunch, they also have a berry flavour. It’s a bit oaty, has a nice amount of chocolate at the bottom and it’s a pretty big serving. It is quite sweet. I wouldn’t recommend having this every day as a meal replacement but I would suggest buying a packet (each box contains 7 bars) and keeping it in your bag just in case you happen to miss a meal or you’re tempted to pop to a fast food store when you’re out shopping or on your break from work.To purchase some Herbalife bars today click here and stay tuned for more honest reviews on their products.