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Skateboarding Documentary: Homeless Skateboarder


Check out Thalente in a documentary about once homeless skateboarder Thalente Biyela’s journey from the streets of South Africa to Los Angeles, California and into the heart of skateboarding.

The producers have turned to specialist film crowdfunding platform Seed & Spark to finance the completion of the documentary film armed with massive support of the skate community who are providing incentives to those who support the film.

Whilst this story hinges on Thalente’s love of skateboarding, it gives insight into the challenges that the homeless youth face due to lack of role models, illiteracy and lack of family. It is Thalente’s love of skateboarding that presents itself as a legitimate means to rise out of circumstance and make a place for himself in the world and offers a unique perspective on skateboarding and the power of uncompromised acceptance, community and individuality.

This is awesome and I know sports doesn’t save lives but it can definitely change them this is so great and we at doubletake are more than happy to help.