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Euan Murray Interview


As proud English Men and Women, it is safe to say we can be proud, so far, of our Rugby squad representing us in the RBS 6 Nations, putting us at second place on the table.

However, the same cannot be said for our brothers in the North. Out of the three games that Scotland has played, they have only won against Italy, and still by only a margin.
This week I was introduced to one of Scotland’s Rugby Stars, Euan Murray; who has 58 Caps to his name. At 33, Murray currently plays for Worcester Warriors and also for the Scotland National Team. Though he is not playing this time round, when asked who his money was on for the 6 Nationals Murray commented

Murray 2

“This week my money was on France, but now it’s on England”

And who can blame him, winning two out of their three games.
Murray made a name for himself in 2009, when he announced to becoming a Christian, and went on further to say he would no longer be playing on Sundays.
Whatever your views on that are on this subject, after speaking to the guy, you can’t but have respect for him, in standing up for his beliefs in a world that certainly doesn’t agree with it.

When asked how does he manage his aggression in a game?
Murray stated
“I try and be as aggressive as can be. Aggression can be uncontrolled, violent and nasty; but I avoid those types as aggression can also be focused and passionate which I try to act on. Jesus was calm but passionate to; he went in and emptied a temple….well if Jesus can behaviour like that, but still be pure and perfect, why can’t I?”

Euan said his biggest influence was his father, who used to play Rugby.
Euan surprised me in saying that before coming into Rugby, whilst studying at the University of Glasgow, Euan trained to become a Vet and qualified in 2003, straight after though, Euan plunged himself into the Rugby world. Imagining this bulk of a man save a little puppy from death, made me laugh.

Now a husband and father of two baby girls, Euan steadily looks forward into the future
“I think about it all the time, “Clocks ticking” as my coach told me. Not sure what to do; like to play another couple of years. Gods going to lead me through, he opens and shuts doors. Not interested in coaching, don’t like to be away from family. I hate it, especially on tours. Outside of rugby though, possibly Veterinary or go to bible college.”

At 25 years old Euan was picked by Scotland, and since then his life has been purely for Rugby, however now with his faith becoming stronger and stronger, he plays not only for his country but his God as well, and from the way he speaks and acts you couldn’t ask for a better team mate, his confidence in his God seems to give him a sense of confidence in life.
If Euan is ever called up to play for Scotland again, you know he will put his all into winning that match; but for now Euan will just have to sit back and watch his team mates fight for a win against France on the 8th March.