Get A Thick Body With My Personalized Fitness Plan

curvy and fit

Hi ladies, I hope you are all well and enjoying the start of October! We only have 11 weeks until Christmas and 12 until the New Year! It’s not normally the time most of us want to get in the gym or think about cutting back on what we eat yet we are invited to the most socials this season; Christmas work do’s, family gatherings and so on. How about this time we look and feel great when we bump into the world and his wife? Not necessarily for other people but for our own confidence and for self discipline around the gluttonous days ahead of us. I don’t believe in short term ‘fitness’ goals but I know the harder you work, the quicker your results come. I’ve been on my fitness journey for almost a year now and it’s been a great one so far. I started off with no knowledge of gym equipment and only used the cross country trainer. I have since learned so much about the body, foods, workouts and have done enough studying to help others as well as myself. I have worked on combining a bikini model diet and novice body builder’s regime to come up with the best results for a curvy, fit and solid look. With work and commitment anybody can become fit!

My diet regime and fitness programme aims to:

Cut down excess body fat
Create a stronger core and define the abs
Build hicker, healthier thighs
 Build a larger and perkier bum
Obtain a smaller waist
Tone arms and get rid of excess fat