High Protein Low Carb Diet

high protein

“In my 25 years of medical training & practice in Manhattan, I’ve seen a wide range of diets come & go, virtually none of them work. For most of my professional career, I adhered to the generally recognised dictum of weight management. I advised my patients to count their calories & follow a low fat diet” 

Further in the same article, Woody Merrell [a doctor of Muhammad Ali status], talks about his experience of patients who were getting nowhere no matter what they tried, so he sceptically put them on a low carb diet.

“I have become a convert. Carbohydrates…are often our prime saboteurs of our weight. Of all the diets I’ve seen over the past few decades, the moderate-fat, lower-carbohydrate ones are the most successful. They stress not how much food you eat but what kinds. Calorie counting is not as important as carbo counting”. – Dr. Merrell ‘How I became a low-carb believer’.

Now, I’m sure the majority of you [like me] are pretty sceptical about a ‘low-carb’ diet, especially after all the bad press Atkins got & because of all the ‘truths’ about food, most of us have been taught since a young age. We were all more than likely brought up having a ‘carb’ heavy diet involving  pasta, bread or potato along side our meat & veg at dinner time, so of course we see this as the norm.

However, having tried many different diets during my life [all of which were pretty unsuccessful] I finally gave the low carb, high protein diet a try on the recommendation of a friend. The results speak for themselves. I’ve been eating LOTS of protein & only a few carbs for the last three months & in that time I’ve now lost a total of three stone & four pounds [46lbs]. The diet is easy to follow, encourages you to eat & not count every single calorie, and your never left feeling hungry as you can eat meat/fish whenever you like. Apart from the first week where I felt slightly drained due to my body detoxing [especially from sugars] I’ve found I also had more energy & felt healthier without the carbs.

So why does a low carb diet work where so many others have failed? By eliminating a lot of your carbs your removing a high percentage of your refined sugar intake, as well as trans-fats & wheat. Trans-fats are our public enemy number one & should be kept to a minimum. Eating a low carbohydrate diet also means you stimulate less insulin & stimulate more Glucagon, which removes fat from its storage areas & gets it ready to burn for energy [fantastic!]. Because of the multiple effects & knock on changes this creates to your bodies inner workings, a low carb diet has also proved to help fight or prevent cases of diabetes, arthritis & cholesterol [surprised?]

So to summarise, simply cut out as much sugar & carbohydrates from your diet as possible, especially pasta, bread & cereals. Keep your protein intake high & don’t be afraid to EAT! Dont starve yourself as we all know that never works out well. Goodluck to all of those that try this & please let me know how it turns out.

~ Stay healthy