Introducing Ashley!

Here at Double Take Debate, we pride ourselves in providing the best information from the people who know best, we have searched globally for people who can provide fitness advice for our DTD audience and have visible proof of amazing results. We hope that these ordinary people who have made their lives extraordinary with sheer determination and passion will encourage you to strive towards your goals…

All the way from sunny Los Angeles, CA, we have Ashley Joy who will be contributing her fitness advice and motivation regularly for you all. She shares her story with us:

“My name is Ashley Robinson but I am often nick named “AshRock, AshleyJoy, or Baby Hulk”, I’m from a small town called Apple Valley in CA and the youngest of 6 children.  I doubled majored in Psychology and Communication Studies at University of Rhode Island. I love sports; softball, tennis, soccer, gymnastics, weightlifting, track and field…I was the captain of New England Champion 4×400 M relay and I am the senior record holder of 200M…

I’ve always been in love with sports the idea of a team the challenge it gives you and always having an opportunity to achieve a goal. Being a leader, team player and being able to escape mentally into another world.  I started running track at the age of 13 because I was cut from my middle school soccer team it was my first experience of “politics” in sports. I said to myself I will show them I am someone. 5 years later I earned a full ride scholarship to the University of Rhode Island  and it was my aim to get away from California and experience life .   College sports is not what I thought it was going to be. It required more dedication than I thought. I learned the passion for being and striving to be the best physically fit possible. My freshman year was great; ran well, good grades and lived life. But I was not aware of what was coming for the next 2 1/2 years. The summer of 2006 I became depressed and on medication by the fall. Depression was the darkest and worst pain I have ever felt. It was uncharacteristic felt no passion, always fatigued, no appetite crying spells and a lack of interest in all the things I once loved. My friends did not understand and my family supported me from a distance. I was in therapy from my  sophomore year until the day after I graduated from college.  I wanted to leave college I wanted to be able to laugh again I wanted to run with confidence. Most of my college years I fought through depression which tested class practice, relationships and my friendship with teammates
Etc. The summer of 08 I traveled to Spain for a month and did self searching and living, I decided I wanted to be happy again and was not going to let anything get in the way. The day I graduated I looked back at all I had over come and seeing my family in the audience I knew it was all worth it and my story will make sense later in life.

After-college life was not as bright as the SoCal sun. The first year after graduation my parents divorced my dad lost his job and I was searching for a place to belong. I trained for a fitness competition but was side swiped by my dad loosing his job and needing to find a job to support myself. But the feeling of passion dedication and striving to be the in the best physical shape came rushing back to me! Another 2 years went by, working and getting back into school, dating hardship and barely stepping foot into the gym. I found myself drinking more, going out, eating terribly and working nonstop – just unhappy. The summer of 2012 I met a guy named Brian at the Santa Monica stairs and he introduced me to Herbalife and other health coaches. There was this sense of team and passion I was immediately introduced to. I felt I could get back into shape and change my life around. I started attending bible study Wednesday nights working on my faith and becoming the woman I desired to be and was envious of others who were already there. I started tracking my spiritual growth and fitness progress on Instagram and my story touched others; people could relate and I found my passion once again. I train and am a health coach to people who seek my help. I plan on always helping and inspiring others to get back their happiness!”