Lita Lewis: Body Inspiration

Hey guys, so many of you ask me why I go to the gym, what I’m aiming for and if I’m there to lose weight. The answer to the last question is no, not quite lol and I do have a goal that I believe to be realistic and ideal for me and it seems to be quite similar to the amazing physique that belongs to Lita Lewis. Lita Lewis, (also known as @followthelita on Instagram) has a background related to everything health and fitness and has shared her journey along the way with many people across the world, I follow her instagram and have noticed thousands of people have been inspired and impacted by her determination and very impressive body.

Lita has explained on Instagram that naturally she has always had quite a  ‘solid’ or thick build; thicker thighs which she explains is a result of her Samoan roots, therefore she hasn’t had to do much to bulk her thighs up, rather she aims to lean them out more and get more definition, but she does continue to lift heavy weights and explains if you want to gain muscle mass, lifting heavier is the best option. She explained  on Instagram a few weeks ago that she hasn’t always had the curves she has today and there is no fear of losing curves when you work out, she stresses “BUILD THEM!” You can obtain rounder, tighter and firmer curves by lifting weights and explains her own personal preference is to have lean, althletic curves as opposed to a ‘fat ass’ lol!

Her body is living proof that hard work in the gym pays off and once this flu has decided to leave my body I’ll be back in there in no time. She also does not swear by any supplements, she’s all about natural foods which is also very admirable. Eat clean and train dirty!

Lita Lewis Pre-Workout Meals

Cardio based workouts: she doesn’t need to eat heavy proteins as this often weighs her down, so perhaps something containing more carbs.

Beast mode workouts (heavy lifting): She explains it’s best to prepare her body by eating proteins; e.g a banana, a handful of almonds, half a slice of avocado or rice cakes with peanut butter.