Manchester United Will Rank Top 5


Louis van Gaal is a world-class manager, you may not know that if you started watching football in the last two weeks, but as a Man United Fan I believe Man United will finish top 5 and here are my 5 reasons why (when I say top 5 I mean top 6 I will just never openly admit we could finish so low)

1. Firstly lets start with Louis Van Failing at the moment, he’s managed clubs in Spain, Germany and the Netherlands and won the league title in each, sounds like Mourinho esqe to me and trust me he has bigger balls. He’s won the

  • European Cup
  • UEFA Cup
  • UEFA Super Cup,
  • And a whole host of domestic trophies.

In the two seasons with AZ in Holland they were in the UEFA Cup, having endured 22 years without any European competition. In Van Gaal’s first season at the club, he guided AZ to finishing in one of the Champions League qualifying positions, let’s hope he can do the same again, except this time with a (slightly) better team and a bigger wallet

So let’s talk about this wallet…

2. Woodward

Assume the blank part of this blog to be a lot of curse words and mocking chants, he is a laughing stock and has brought himself a little bit of time by buying Di Maria,  after last summer failing to bring in any players beside Marouane Fellaini. He now has Luke Shaw and Ander Herrera, and Marcos Rojo. When you consider that six players have left the club this summer, United’s squad is arguably worse than it was last season. Ok not arguable but yes its awful.

Futhermore Di Maria for 60+ is a head scratcher to me for the following reasons (firstly I just want to say he is an amazing player)

Di Maria is not a 3-5-2 formation player, which is a system Van Gaal loves and plays a lot. He may play as a winger and then I wonder how he will fit in as a Premiership winger, with Robin van Persie and Wayne Rooney the automatic first-choice strikers and no shortage of attacking midfielders at United, e.g. Juan Mata and Ander Herrera, it’s hard to see how Di Maria fits in – unless Van Gaal is set to scrap the 3-5-2 already.

Anyone who analyses the Red Devils can see the obvious areas of weakness in their squad – a lack of ball-winning midfielders and experienced central defenders being the priority. Instead, they have splurged £60million on a luxury player when they are not short of talent who can create chances and score goals. Why that money didn’t go to Mats Hummels or Sami Khedira type of player when they have Van Persie, Rooney, Mata, Herrera and Shinji Kagawa.

Why is this a reason Man United can win because Van Gaal isn’t dumb, if he can see this I can see this and that means he isn’t done when it comes to buying which is exciting.

No way, expect to see more big buys and trades.

3. MK Dons decimated Man United, no seriously they decimated Man United, like they where playing 95 Fifa, it was absolutely humiliating it was like playing online and Man United server had lag. It was the worse introduction from Van Gaal to the Capital One Cup, watching his team suffer a 4-0 defeat, however look at this way (EXTREME SILVER LINING) we are out the champions league, out the capital one cup, now we have very few games and with players like RVP who only managed 18 starts in league games last season (and won’t do more than 25 this year) they only have a few games to focus on, no one needs to be rested for international games, no one needs to travel we can put all out energy into the league.

4. I am not a fan in any way shape rhyme or reason of Wayne Rooney but he is one of the most effective players in the league every season, Rooney scored 17 goals and assisted 10 in 27 starts last season. The year before, it was 12 goals and 10 assists in 22 starts. The year before that, 27 goals and 4 assists in 32 starts not too shabby (even if that doesn’t account for what games those games where in and their importance) numbers never lie

This guy is has now signed a new contract and, more recently, been named captain, Rooney’s future should now be tied to the club. Without those distractions and with a renewed desire to lead the club to success, maybe now United fans will see the striker step it up a gear in a bid to reclaim European football.

He now has nowhere to hide, the spot light is on him and he will sink or swim, I think Man United will make him swim but if he sinks, so be it and Van can find out sooner rather than later.

5. A report by BBC Sport claimed that United stand to lose £40-50 million this year thanks to the absence of Champions League football, I personally think it’s more if your accounting for all the international (Asian fans) we could lose as they only follow winners.

The Glazer family bought the club to make money and cannot afford to be out of the Champions League for too long. Not simply for the money for competing and television revenue but also for the sponsors that being one of the best clubs in the world attracts.

You would therefore presume that they would stump up the cash to buy the players needed to put the squad in contention for finishing in the top four again.

So these are my 5 reasons and I honestly don’t feel like I’m clutching at straws the key will be

  • Can Herrea, Rojo and Di Maria be instant stars
  • Can Old players find old form or new stardom
  • Do we have any young players who are going to have a breakout season
  • Do the players want it or will the stress overcome them