LeBron James Cleveland Return? | Double Take Debate


David Griffin has recently been appointed general manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and he has a decision to make. The upcoming free agency of 2014 is getting closer as we get into the final stages of the playoffs where of course, LeBron James is on the verge of another NBA championship. The two time champion and four time MVP has been avoiding any questions relating to his future, as he and his teammates prepare for the upcoming series against rivals Indiana Pacers.

Despite the Heat’s success, the likelihood of a possible and surprise move back to Cleveland has become a distinct possibility. The 2014 free agency class is one of the most talented for years including the class of 2003 (LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Carmelo Anthony) and is much anticipated. For the last two years, many have been narrowing down the possible destinations where King James may land, one of them being his former team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. This off-season has started dreadfully; from getting another lottery pick, to the head coach being fired. Mike Brown coached LeBron for five of his seven seasons in Cleveland where James basically guided them by himself to the NBA finals only to be swept by the much more experienced San Antonio Spurs. LeBron James knows that the most pressure on him to succeed comes from himself and that he is determined to go down as the greatest player to have ever played the game of basketball.

Lebron2In the summer of 2010, James decided to leave his beloved Cavaliers and join forces with fellow superstars Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade in Miami. Since then, they have moulded themselves into the unbreakable and dominant powerhouse they are today. Despite experiencing heartbreak in the 2011 NBA finals, James was able to overcome that and win back to back titles. The achievements of LeBron are evident, it’s what LeBron believes is best for his career that intrigues fans around the world.

Ever since his sophomore year in high school, there has an unprecedented hype around him that a professional athlete of his age had never experienced. The hopes of an entire franchise was held on the shoulders of this 18 year old superstar when the 2003 NBA draft took place. LeBron James was simply majestic and unplayable during his reign at the top of the NBA spectrum, but now Kevin Durant has entered into the limelight it’s going to be difficult to take that away from him. Especially since journalists wrote off the MVP race so early on in the year, LeBron’s play has become more aggressive, he has taken control of games and rescued the Heat during clutch situations including his game winner against the Warriors back in February. His field goal percentage and points per game average have increased and you sense the message that LeBron wants to give this franchise everything he’s got before opting out of his contract and returning home. His playing intensity in the playoffs is evidently more aggressive and powerful as he proves himself to one of the greats.

Lebron3The city of Cleveland is infamous for having failing sports teams, but since Johnny Manziel was drafted by the Browns there seems to be a new hope. The fact that close friend ‘Johnny Football’ will be playing his football in Ohio may be a small factor in LeBron’s decision. It’s been well documented that he has kept connections with people back in Cleveland and Akron and that part of his heart remains in his hometown.

Of course, a return will mean Cleveland would have to free up cap room by possibly releasing Luol Deng. The fact that Kyrie Irving is committed to Cleveland is a big positive. As one of the best point guards in the league and an upcoming superstar, Irving could be the point guard that LeBron has been lacking. Also, the Cavaliers have to appoint a head coach which will be important if James is to play for Cleveland next season. In spite of the fact that everything must fall into place for LeBron to be wearing the number 23 again, the thought of him bringing a championship to Cleveland has surely got to put him in the conversation for the crown of the greatest of all time.


FIFA Celebrations in FIFA 15

We wanted to do a post on showing people all the things you can do on FIFA 15 you may not know yet. So firstly here are the celebrations. Fifa15 Celebrations List
FIFA 15 PlayStation Celebrations:
Celebration button presses for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita systems.
Note: Video guides to show what each Celebration looks like are above this section!

Button combinations for Running Moves:

• One Arm Raised — Hold O
• Thumb Suck — Hold Square
• Ear Twist — Hold Triangle
• Finger Points — Tap O then hold O
• Arms Out — Tap Square then hold Square
• Wrist Flick — Tap Triangle then hold Triangle
• Aeroplane — Press down RS
• Point to the Sky — Hold RS up
• Shhh! — Hold RS right
• Telephone — Hold RS down
• Can you hear me? — Hold RS left
• Hands out — Flick RS right then hold RS left
• Come on! — Flick RS left then hold RS right
• Blow Kisses — Flick RS down then hold RS up
• Double Arm Swing — Flick RS up then hold RS down
• Flying Bird — Flick RS right then hold RS right
• Hand on Head — Flick RS left then hold RS left
• Heart Symbol — Flick RS down then hold RS down
• Arms Pointing Up — Flick RS up then hold RS up
• Windmill — Spin RS clockwise
Button combinations for Finishing Moves:
• Point to the Sky — Hold L1, press O
• Show Respect — Hold L1, double tap O
• Flag Slap — Hold L2, flick RS up twice
• Belly Flop — Hold L1, press Square
• Riding the Wave — Hold L1, press Triangle
• The Business — Hold L1, flick RS down twice
• Standing Archer — Hold L1, hold RS right
• Punch and Dodge — Hold L1, hold RS left
• Chest Slide — Hold L1, flick RS down then up
• Head Shake — Hold L1, flick RS left then right
• Signature Finishing Move — Press X
• Backflip/Arms to Crows — Hold L1, flick RS up twice
• Backflip/Arms to Crows — Hold L1, flick RS up twice
• Hand Spring / Roll & Punch — Hold L1, spin RS counter-clockwise
• Double Backflip and Roll — Hold L1, spin RS counter-clockwise
• Shoe Shine — Hold L2, press O
• Violinist — Hold L2, press Square
• Spanish Archer — Hold L2, press Triangle
• Hands on Ears — Hold L2, double tap Square
• Heel Taps — Hold L2, double tap Triangle
• Knee Slide Arms Out — Hold L2, hold RS up
• I can’t hear you — Hold L2, hold RS right
• Side Slide — Hold L2, hold RS down
• Brick Fall — Hold L2, hold RS left
• Knee Slide — Hold L2, flick RS up then down
• Samba Dance — Hold L2, flick RS left then right
• Who am I? — Hold L2, flick RS right then left
• Front Flip/Torero — Hold L2, flick RS up twice
• Knee Slide to Sit — Hold L2, flick RS down twice
• Bird Walk — Hold L2, flick RS left twice
• Flip/Cartwheel — Hold L2, spin RS counter-clockwise
• Twist Flip / Cartwheel Roll — Hold L2, spin RS clockwise
• If I catch you — Hold R2, press R3
• Why Always Me? — Hold R1, double tap Triangle
• Kiss the Pitch — Hold R2, double tap O
• The Salute — Hold R1, press Triangle
• Water Hose — Hold R2, flick RS down twice
• Peacock — Hold R1, double tap O
• Telling Off — Hold R2, press O
• Moonwalk — Hold R1, Flick RS left twice
Button combinations for EAS FC Unlockables:
• Flag Kick — Hold L1, double tap Square
• Right Here Right Now — Hold L1, press O
• Hand Bite — Hold L2, flick RS down up
• Stand Tall — Hold R1, RS hold left
• Kiss the Whist — Hold L2, double tap O
• Old Man — Hold L2, press R3
• Calm Down — Hold L1, double tap Triangle
• The Bear — Hold L1, hold RS up
• Riding the Cat — Hold L1, hold RS down
• Chicken Dance — Hold L1, flick RS up down
• Muevelo — Hold L1, flick RS right left
• Party Cake — Hold L1, flick RS right right
• Muscle Flex — Hold R1, flick RS up down
• Push Ups — Hold R1, flick RS right left
• The Worm — Spin RS clockwise
• Dance — Hold R1, flick RS down down
• Prancing Bird — Hold R1, press Square
• Gallop Dance — Hold L1, press R3
Button combinations for Pro Unlockables:
• Many Bows — Hold R2, hold RS up
• Pardon — Hold R2, hold RS right
• Fall to knees & beg — Hold R2, hold RS down
• Backflips — Hold R2, double tap Square
• Slide on Back — Hold R1, double tap Square
• Cockroach — Hold R1, press R3
• River Dance — Hold R1, flick up twice
• Break Dance — Hold R1, flick right twice
• Praise on knees — Hold R2, hold RS left
• Backwards worm — Hold R1, spin counter-clockwise
• Uncontrolled backflip — Hold R2, spin clockwise
• Handstand — Hold R2, spin counter-clockwise
• Spin & Fall — Hold R2, flick RS up twice
• Rowing on knees — Hold R2, flick RS left twice
• Seated rowing — Hold R2, flick RS right twice
• Knee walk — Hold R2, press Square
• Cradle swing — Hold R2, press Triangle
• Baby — Hold R2, double tap Triangle
• Flying Dive — Hold R1, hold RS up
• Karate Kicks — Hold R1, hold RS right
• Jump Kicks — Hold R1, hold RS down
• Ice Skating — Hold R1, flick RS down then up
• Golf Swing — Hold R1, flick RS left then right
• Dance 1 — Hold R2, flick RS down then up
• Dance 2 — Hold R2, flick RS up then down
• Dance 3 — Hold R2, flick RS left then right
• Dance 4 — Hold R2, flick RS right then left

FIFA 15 Xbox & PC Celebrations:

Celebration button presses for the Xbox 360 & Xbox One consoles and on PC with a controller.
Note: Video guides to show what each Celebration looks like are at the top of this page!
Button combinations for Running Moves:
• One Arm Raised — Hold B
• Thumb Suck — Hold X
• Ear Twist — Hold Y
• Finger Points — Tap B then hold B
• Arms Out — Tap X then hold X
• Wrist Flick — Tap Y then hold Y
• Aeroplane — Press down RS
• Point to the Sky — Hold RS up
• Shhh! — Hold RS right
• Telephone — Hold RS down
• Can you hear me? — Hold RS left
• Hands out — Flick RS right then hold RS left
• Come on! — Flick RS left then hold RS right
• Blow Kisses — Flick RS down then hold RS up
• Double Arm Swing — Flick RS up then hold RS down
• Flying Bird — Flick RS right then hold RS right
• Hand on Head — Flick RS left then hold RS left
• Heart Symbol — Flick RS down then hold RS down
• Arms Pointing Up — Flick RS up then hold RS up
• Windmill — Spin RS clockwise
Button combinations for Finishing Moves:
• Point to the Sky — Hold LB, press B
• Show Respect — Hold LB, double tap B
• Flag Slap — Hold LT, flick RS up twice
• Belly Flop — Hold LB, press X
• Riding the Wave — Hold LB, press Y
• The Business — Hold LB, flick RS down twice
• Standing Archer — Hold LB, hold RS right
• Punch and Dodge — Hold LB, hold RS left
• Chest Slide — Hold LB, flick RS down then up
• Head Shake — Hold LB, flick RS left then right
• Signature Finishing Move — Press A
• Backflip/Arms to Crows — Hold LB, flick RS up twice
• Backflip/Arms to Crows — Hold LB, flick RS up twice
• Hand Spring / Roll & Punch — Hold LB, spin RS counter-clockwise
• Double Backflip and Roll — Hold LB, spin RS counter-clockwise
• Shoe Shine — Hold LT, press B
• Violinist — Hold LT, press X
• Spanish Archer — Hold LT, press Y
• Hands on Ears — Hold LT, double tap X
• Heel Taps — Hold LT, double tap Y
• Knee Slide Arms Out — Hold LT, hold RS up
• I can’t hear you — Hold LT, hold RS right
• Side Slide — Hold LT, hold RS down
• Brick Fall — Hold LT, hold RS left
• Knee Slide — Hold LT, flick RS up then down
• Samba Dance — Hold LT, flick RS left then right
• Who am I? — Hold LT, flick RS right then left
• Front Flip/Torero — Hold LT, flick RS up twice
• Knee Slide to Sit — Hold LT, flick RS down twice
• Bird Walk — Hold LT, flick RS left twice
• Flip/Cartwheel — Hold LT, spin RS counter-clockwise
• Twist Flip / Cartwheel Roll — Hold LT, spin RS clockwise
• If I catch you — Hold RT, press RS
• Why Always Me? — Hold RB, double tap Y
• Kiss the Pitch — Hold RT, double tap B
• The Salute — Hold RB, press Y
• Water Hose — Hold RT, flick RS down twice
• Peacock — Hold RB, double tap B
• Telling Off — Hold RT, press B
• Moonwalk — Hold RB, Flick RS left twice
Button combinations for EAS FC Unlockables:
• Flag Kick — Hold LB, double tap X
• Right Here Right Now — Hold LB, press B
• Hand Bite — Hold LT, flick RS down up
• Stand Tall — Hold RB, RS hold left
• Kiss the Whist — Hold LT, double tap B
• Old Man — Hold LT, press RS
• Calm Down — Hold LB, double tap Y
• The Bear — Hold LB, hold RS up
• Riding the Cat — Hold LB, hold RS down
• Chicken Dance — Hold LB, flick RS up down
• Muevelo — Hold LB, flick RS right left
• Party Cake — Hold LB, flick RS right left
• Muscle Flex — Hold RB, flick RS up down
• Push Ups — Hold RB, flick RS up down
• The Worm — Spin RS clockwise
• Dance — Hold RB, flick RS down down
• Prancing Bird — Hold RB, press X
• Gallop Dance — Hold LB, press RS
Button combinations for Pro Unlockables:
• Many Bows — Hold RT, hold RS up
• Pardon — Hold RT, hold RS right
• Fall to knees & beg — Hold RT, hold RS down
• Backflips — Hold RT, double tap X
• Slide on Back — Hold RB, double tap X
• Cockroach — Hold RB, press RS
• River Dance — Hold RB, flick up twice
• Break Dance — Hold RB, flick right twice
• Praise on knees — Hold RT, hold RS left
• Backwards worm — Hold RT, spin counter-clockwise
• Uncontrolled backflip — Hold RB, spin clockwise
• Handstand — Hold RB, spin counter-clockwise
• Spin & Fall — Hold RB, flick RS up twice
• Rowing on knees — Hold RB, flick RS left twice
• Seated rowing — Hold RB, flick RS left twice
• Knee walk — Hold RB, press X
• Cradle swing — Hold RB, press Y
• Baby — Hold RB, double tap Y
• Flying Dive — Hold RT, hold RS up
• Karate Kicks — Hold RT, hold RS right
• Jump Kicks — Hold RT, hold RS down
• Ice Skating — Hold RT, flick RS down then up
• Golf Swing — Hold RT, flick RS down then up
• Dance 1 — Hold RB, flick RS down then up
• Dance 2 — Hold RB, flick RS up then down
• Dance 3 — Hold RB, flick RS left then right
• Dance 4 — Hold RB, flick RS right then left

Tony Romo Injury Healed?

The Dallas Cowboys seem ready and set for their game this Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Head Coach Jason Garrett appeared very relaxed and positive about the majority of his team but would not confirm any starting players, depending on their health at the time. It appears Rolando McClain has missed his third practice in a row and when prompted on his return to the game Garrett responded “We’ll see, hopefully he’ll do something today..not positive about that yet”, he did however, confirm that the 25 year old Line Backer had walked through the whole week. We are to assume he won’t play this Sunday but as we all know the NFL is full of surprises…

On entering the press conference Jason Garrett, as expected, was asked to explain the latest on Tony Romo, to which he replied “he looked pretty comfortable to me, he had a good day yesterday”. Out on the field in practice the Quarter Back appeared in great form and confident in his movement.

We asked Jason Garrett to reflect on the defensive team compared to last year and what ceilings they’ve faced so far: Garett explainedWe’ve done some good things, I think the guys understand our scheme and play it better, the guys have really stepped up, as players have been injured, players from the outside have come in and done a great job for us. I feel good about how they have improved. We certainly have room for improvement. They play with a relentless spirit…they are a physical group and you have to do that every week.”

The Head Coach also shared his views on…

Tyrone Crawford: ”We hope he can move around today, didn’t do anything the last two days.”

Playing at Wembley: ”First time we will practice at Wembley will be tomorrow, we will walk through, we’ve been told it’s a great field and stadium.We’re aware it can be thick at times but it’s been pretty slick because of the weather. It’s all about testing it out with the cleats and adjusting. We’ve played on grass plenty times before.

Jaguars’ Blake Bortles: ”He’s a talented player, strong athletic, good arm, tough and able to make a lot of plays, saw that in college and we see that in him with the Jaguars. As do most young QB’s he’s starting to get more and more comfortable. He’s a real competitor.”

The Dallas Cowboys will play against the Jacksonville Jaguars this Sunday at the Wembley Stadium.

What are your predictions for this Sunday?

Premier League — In Trouble?

The Premier League has always been widely considered by many to be the best, the apologist use varied arguments;


) Star players – summer of 2013 saw Mesut Ozil and Alvaro Negredo swap La Liga for the Premier League, while Christian Eriksen and Willian spurned offers from across the globe to join Tottenham and Chelsea respectively. Romelulu Lukaku, Oscar, Eden Hazard, Philppe Coutinho and Rahim Sterling are some of the most talented young footballers around.

2) Excitement – The premiership is played at 90mph, with many unpredictable results (Aston Villa’s 3-1 opening day away win at Arsenal). Four points separated Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City and  Liverpool. Apparently the premiership is so intense, I know you have probably heard the could Messi do it in the Premiership argument as well.

3) Managers – From the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson’s near thirty-year reign at Manchester United to Guus Hiddink’s spell with Chelsea, Jose Mourinho, Arsene Wenger and Manuel Pellegrini and some of the brightest rising stars, namely Brendan Rodgers and Roberto Martinez.

premier 2

) The Fans So far this season, Swansea have the lowest average attendance at 20,328, and although that seems low, it represents a mammoth 98% of their capacity, meaning nearly every single game is a sell-out.

Santi Cazorla  said  ‘in England it’s far more level, more competitive. For me, it’s better. It’s possible, for example, that Manchester City play against Cardiff and lose. In Spain, its normal that Real Madrid play against Real Mallorca and win, win, win – it’s very difficult for other teams.

Allow me to call Bullshit!

premier3The Bundesliga level of customer service is better than a happy ending, it has the lowest ticket prices and the highest average attendance of Europe’s five major leagues. Borussia Dortmund costs little more than £10 entrance. Match tickets double as free rail passes for supporters travelling are allowed to sing, drink beer to wash down their bratwurst.

Even across the river, the MLS franchises is becoming more and more relevant none more impressive than Seattle, where Sounders soccer having an Average attendance exceeds 40,000, look at the support America had for the world cup, one word scary.

With Sir Alex retired from the management game, can the premier league still boost the best managers when we are so far from dreaming of a champion’s league, whilst still spending in excess of most clubs globally?

Now to the meat of this discussion the level of players and the excitement of the league, can we not mention Brazil pillage for a minute and focus on the world cup.

Chris Waddle said “I’ll tell you what the biggest problem is when you think about it all – the Premier League. They have a product which they sell around the world. It’s entertaining but it’s doing our players no good whatsoever.

“This (England) is a Premier League side playing tonight which is meant to be the best league in the world. You’re not telling me all those Uruguayan players would get in many teams around the world, apart from (Luis) Suarez who was only 75 per cent fit. (Edinson) Cavani, possibly. Apart from that, who else is there?”

“We go on banging the drum that we’ve got this and that. Do you know what makes the Premier League exciting? Players like Luis Suarez – the foreign players,” he said.

“We hype our players up massively like we always do, say we’ve got this and that.

Jamie Carragher  said it best “Look at Costa Rica how did we lose when not one of their players would have made it in the England team” (translated from scousser)


The reason why Costa Rica players wouldn’t make it in the English team is because they play in a league where the excitement and 90 mph speed is like perfume on SHIT, it allows us to think the premier league level of football is a lot better than it is. I think people  find la liga boring because they play fundamental football, great passing, great movement great iq and awareness and it is taught from an early age.

Sir Trevor Brooking, the director of development at the Football Association, believes England lags behind because the players are not learning these technical skills early enough.

“We need to start earlier,” Brooking told BBC Sport. “Anybody emerging from the 5-11 age group has to be comfortable on the ball. Can you get this ball under control? Can you kill it instantly? Have you got the know-how to make decisions? Do you know how to use it and select the right pass?

In Dutch football they play from an early age without goals, in Spain and Brazil Footsal is a huge sport where the ball is bigger and heavier focusing on learning skills and control. When the kids are so young, it is not time to think about winning, to think only about winning as you do.

You have to develop them, teach them how to pass a ball, how to control a ball, how to control a game, how to cross, head and shoot. It is not important to tell the kids to win – you must instead teach them the skills that will help them to become winners.

The majority of players exciting us in the premier league aren’t even English and didn’t come through the English youth system, to make it worse the Premier League doesn’t even have the world’s best players anymore players like Thierry Henrys, Rudd Van Nistelrooy, Robert Pires, Dennis Bergkamp, Gianfranco Zola, Cristiano Ronaldo, and David Beckham are now a distant memory.

premier5Players are now distancing themselves from the once mighty English Premier League to play in La Liga, Bundesliga, and the Ligue 1. At one point or another Neymar, Thiago Alcantara, Radamel Falcao, and Edinson Cavani.were rumoured to be making a move to England but the moves never happened. Gareth Bale and Luis Suarez have flown the nest to bigger pastures.

I do understand that London doesn’t have the same problem as the Midlands or Manchester clubs do, but England in general doesn’t offer these guys some of the lifestyle they are accustomed to on the continent, or the weather requirements that them and their families want to live on that, however let’s not kid ourselves its not just Barca and Real, the majority of midlevel Spanish teams have and will beat premiership teams.

The premier league needs a stronger focus on youth football progression to see an internal growth as appose to bringing over superstars all the time and not having the patience to grow them, like Sir Alex and somewhat Wenger thrived off.

Arsène Wenger on coaching…

“The first thing to do is to give them the basics. The basics are technique, and you go from there. To make a comparison, it’s a bit like when you have a child – first you want to teach him a vocabulary so he can express himself. The technique is a vocabulary of a football player – that’s the basis. After that, you want your child to use intelligent sentences.”

Yes the Premier league is the most exciting league in the world but I do not think it is because they play the best football, because clearly they don’t and if English football doesn’t change expect English football to become the laughing stock of sports, it’s embarrassing like America losing in NBA, football is English and thus I plead with these youth coaches that they implore smarter teaching styles and techniques to bring out the best from out players.

High Protein Low Carb Diet

high protein

“In my 25 years of medical training & practice in Manhattan, I’ve seen a wide range of diets come & go, virtually none of them work. For most of my professional career, I adhered to the generally recognised dictum of weight management. I advised my patients to count their calories & follow a low fat diet” 

Further in the same article, Woody Merrell [a doctor of Muhammad Ali status], talks about his experience of patients who were getting nowhere no matter what they tried, so he sceptically put them on a low carb diet.

“I have become a convert. Carbohydrates…are often our prime saboteurs of our weight. Of all the diets I’ve seen over the past few decades, the moderate-fat, lower-carbohydrate ones are the most successful. They stress not how much food you eat but what kinds. Calorie counting is not as important as carbo counting”. – Dr. Merrell ‘How I became a low-carb believer’.

Now, I’m sure the majority of you [like me] are pretty sceptical about a ‘low-carb’ diet, especially after all the bad press Atkins got & because of all the ‘truths’ about food, most of us have been taught since a young age. We were all more than likely brought up having a ‘carb’ heavy diet involving  pasta, bread or potato along side our meat & veg at dinner time, so of course we see this as the norm.

However, having tried many different diets during my life [all of which were pretty unsuccessful] I finally gave the low carb, high protein diet a try on the recommendation of a friend. The results speak for themselves. I’ve been eating LOTS of protein & only a few carbs for the last three months & in that time I’ve now lost a total of three stone & four pounds [46lbs]. The diet is easy to follow, encourages you to eat & not count every single calorie, and your never left feeling hungry as you can eat meat/fish whenever you like. Apart from the first week where I felt slightly drained due to my body detoxing [especially from sugars] I’ve found I also had more energy & felt healthier without the carbs.

So why does a low carb diet work where so many others have failed? By eliminating a lot of your carbs your removing a high percentage of your refined sugar intake, as well as trans-fats & wheat. Trans-fats are our public enemy number one & should be kept to a minimum. Eating a low carbohydrate diet also means you stimulate less insulin & stimulate more Glucagon, which removes fat from its storage areas & gets it ready to burn for energy [fantastic!]. Because of the multiple effects & knock on changes this creates to your bodies inner workings, a low carb diet has also proved to help fight or prevent cases of diabetes, arthritis & cholesterol [surprised?]

So to summarise, simply cut out as much sugar & carbohydrates from your diet as possible, especially pasta, bread & cereals. Keep your protein intake high & don’t be afraid to EAT! Dont starve yourself as we all know that never works out well. Goodluck to all of those that try this & please let me know how it turns out.

~ Stay healthy

Super Bowl 2015 On Channel 4


So Double Take has some amazing news for you Double Takers, Channel 4 will broadcast 21 live NFL matches during the 2014-15 season, the largest number of games ever shown on free-to-air television in the UK over the course of one campaign. FREE, I was just about to buy league pass as well so this news comes at the perfect time.

On top of that they will be showing all three matches played at Wembley, I plan to be as crazy and wild as possible so I can get seen on the screen, it will also show 17 other regular-season games and February’s Super Bowl as per usual.

Channel 4, who first brought American football to UK TV in 1982, will begin its coverage on Sunday when the Denver Broncos host the Indianapolis Colts. Super Bowl XLIX will be broadcast live from Glendale, near Phoenix in Arizona, with last year’s season showpiece watched by more than one million viewers. This is actually huge for the UK, it’s literally like they are trying all over again with the NFL and I think it will see extreme interest be renewed into the sport.

For NFL fans playing fantasy no longer must they games and scream inbetween lag, but can sit back relax turn on channel 4 and watch the greatest sport on earth NFL.

The Channel 4 commissioning editor for sport, Jamie Aitchison, said: “NFL fans in the UK are spoilt for choice this season on Channel 4; the Wembley games feature the likes of the Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins, two of the biggest names in the sport and icons from our coverage back in the 80s. We look forward to bringing the sport into more homes than ever.”

The live coverage will again be fronted by Nat Coombs and Mike Carlson, while The London Warriors DB Vernon Kay will hosts the highlights programme, The American Football Show, on Monday nights.

I can’t wait.


2015-2015 NBA Rookies


It was 11 years to the day where LeBron James entered the NBA as one of the most scrutinised rookies in American sports history. On June 26th, we had what may be known 10 years down the line as a draft that changed the face of the NBA. Filled with potential all-stars became the faces of franchises that hope to improve on their regular season record from the previous year.

2014-2015 NBA Rookies: Meet The Players

rookies 2Since the end of the college season, Joel Embiid of Kansas was considered the best player in this draft class and had the highest potential. He draw comparisons to the legendary Hakeem Olajuwon and looked to have a high ceiling for his rookie season. Unfortunately for him, he suffered a foot injury a week before the draft. Andrew Wiggins then became the dominant player that everyone expected to be the first one to shake Adam Silver’s hand. Embiid’s shot blocking and incredible offence skills make him stand out as the best prospect available. People wondered how far his draft stock would slip, luckily for him not to far. The Philadelphia 76ers selected him third.

higgins2Unable to attend the draft, many took the Sixer’s selection differently. Does he turn into the powerful bigman people think may become or be continually rigged with injuries throughout his career making him a draft bust similar to Greg Oden or Kwame Brown? Sam Hinke, the general manager of the Sixers, must believe in the Cameroonian star as he looks to sit out the entire 2014 – 2015. Philadelphia already have experience of a key player sitting out a whole season in Nerlens Noel. The question is how Brett Brown is going to implement both players into his system. For both players to fulfil there potentials, they must work together with Noel most probably having to play power forward. He has the height of a center, but must prepare himself physically, improve his offensive game and become stronger to cope in the NBA Can Noel play power forward or is he going to be traded? There was talk on draft night that a trade was going to take place between the Cavaliers and the Sixers in a swap deal between the two Kansas teammates. Cleveland are missing a center while Philadelphia have been tanking for Wiggins all season long. This deal did not happen so it will be interesting if Embiid and Noel can play together and while the Sixers have added strength and power under the rim, their backcourt still has limited talent with only Michael Carter Williams being the stand out player. He will once again be heavily relied on offensively this season as the Sixers continue to be patient and build for the future.

Meanwhile in Cleveland, they want immediate success with Cavaliers general manager David Griffin reiterating that making the playoffs is there target. That’s why Embiid isn’t in a Cavalier uniform and Canadiens Phenom Andrew Wiggins is. A swingman that can play shot guard or small forward has an incredible vertical, outstanding athleticism and is a good defender. People question his offensive skills and his will power to become the best he can be. This pick gives Cleveland several options, if you play Wiggins in the backcourt, does this mean Dion Waiters will be traded. If he plays as a small forward, does this mean they’re not going to go after LeBron James in free agency? Having point guard superstar Kyrie Irving, Andrew Wiggins and King James in their roster will certainly add to their title credentials and put them immediately in contention for an NBA ring.

Andrew Wiggins has been on NBA scouts radar since high school, becoming the most hyped player since LeBron James. Of course there is a reason for the hype, he possesses unbelievable skills but must improve his shot and ball handling. These are minor flaws for a player that hasn’t even played an NBA game. With both parents being former athletes, Andrew has learned to deal with the hype. His sky high potential excites NBA fans, with an offensive arsenal which resembles Tracy McGrady or even Kobe Bryant. He always had the intention to be the first pick and hopefully will add to this Cavaliers squad full of young players.

With Wiggins being selected first, there was no doubt in the minds of the Milwaukee Bucks that Jabari Parker was there man. In my opinion, a future hall of famer. He has the ability to lead this poor Bucks side and prove himself as a leader. Parker is a complete player, a sharp shooter, explosive when driving the lane and is the early favourite for Rookie of the Year. It’s good that someone actually want to play for the Bucks and he is already considered a hometown hero, and has settled in quickly. Even throwing the first pitch at a Brewers game. He has stated his intention to remain a Buck for a long time and I believe if the Bucks add a few people in free agency, they could be a force to be reckoned with. Especially, if the latest rumour that Jason Kidd may become head coach becomes reality.

He has a similar skill set to Carmelo Anthony and Paul Pierce and his numbers at Duke weren’t bad at all. What stands out are his ball handling skills, great wingspan and his shooting. Certainly, will be the face of the NBA in years to come. A concern I would have is that Jabari may be relied on too much, similar to LeBron James in his Cleveland days. Milwaukee can’t just hope for the best with Parker otherwise they will never have success. But, if Parker can post up good numbers in his rookie season and improves the Bucks regular season record, he may be an outsider for an all-star appearance in his rookie season. Jabari Parker doesn’t seem like the man that would move for the money or even championships as he will try and prove to critics that he can bring success to Milwaukee, although it seems unlikely.

Other members of this draft class stand out as potential stars in this league. One of the surprises in the draft as well as Wiggins’ shocking choice of attire was Orlando’s pick taking Aaron Gordon. He is defensive skilled and too has a good vertical and is a good addition to the Magic line-up which lacks size. Dante Exum of Australia was very much the mystery man of this draft and was expected to be picked by Philadelphia considering the relationship between Exum and ex Australia coach, now Sixers coach Brett Brown. Exum will now form a partnership with Utah point guard Trey Burke as the Jazz now have a promising backcourt. The Boston Celtics who looked likely to select Embiid if his draft stock fell dramatically, picked Oklahoma State guard Marcus Smart. Smart who would have been a high pick last year made the wise decision in remaining with the Cowboys. This helped improve his physique and defensive skills. He has a NBA-ready body and game. Physically he has good size for a point guard at 6-foot-3 (with a 6-9 wingspan) and a strong 227 pounds. He’s explosive but also solid with the ball, able to finish through contact at the rim. He’s great in transition but really understands how to run a team and where the ball needs to be to execute in the half-court. He must establish a relationship with Rajon Rondo to make the Celtics effective offensively and return to their former glory days.

Julius Randle I believe is the most underrated player in this draft class. He was selected seventh by the Lakers, the team he supported as a boy. Randle has all the power forward skills offensively, but is most impressive facing up off the dribble from the top of the key or from the mid-post. For his weight, he is very explosive off the dribble and finishing at the rim. Randle has nice ball handling moves for his position, with crossovers, hesitations and jump stops that are very effective. The former Kentucky forward has joined a roster without a head coach, but does this move mean Pau Gasol is more likely to depart from Los Angeles. He will team up with Kobe Bryant on a mission to help Kobe leave the NBA with his reputation untarnished and try to bring some success to Staples Center in Bryant’s final two years. The balance of Kobe’s offensive with Randle’s rebounding, and the hopeful addition of a few free agents should return the Lakers back into the playoffs in a competitive western conference.

This draft noticeably had a lack of trades, but one that did take place may have kept LeBron in Miami. He said prior to the draft that his favourite player was Shabazz Napier, the point guard of the Connecticut team that won the National championship. This is clearly a tactical move by Pat Riley to lure James back to South Beach, which is why Miami traded up to get a higher pick in case Shabazz was selected. Who knows what influence Wiggins has on LeBron’s crucial decision.

This draft class has increased the anticipation of the upcoming NBA season, this is a draft that has many future stars. The relationship between Carmelo Anthony and LeBron during their younger days resembles the friendship between Parker and Wiggins. Can this class live up to the hype? Many of these new additions will improve failing franchises that look to increase the competition in the NBA. Like Kobe, LeBron and Durant our today….in the future will we be saying Wiggins, Parker, Embiid?

NBA Predictions: 2014-2015 Season

Is Lebron the answer?

So in case you been living under a rock, Lebron is back in Cleveland, he’s back home and this time he has a little help Kyrie Irving and with Kevin Love to mention a few names, so are the new-look Cavs’ are instant contenders with the gapping lack of defence? With a rookie head coach in David Blatt making the calls from the bench, is this right guy to lead Cleveland.

“King James” will once again need to ascend from his throne to lead this team if they are to win their first championship.

Is revenge the biggest motivator?

Is the bitter wife, left at the altar going to show revenge is sweet? They may no longer have LeBron James, but the Heat is still a very formidable team. I think this might be the most underrated team in the NBA, Luol Deng while not as athletic was essentially brought in to replace LeBron is a good player, Chris Bosh an all-star and if Dwayne wade one of the best shooting guards of all can stay healthy and ball out why the hell is this not a top team, we got the  supporting cast –consisting of Chris Andersen, Mario Chalmers, and Udonis Haslem among others- of solid players on board, the loss of James will be easier to digest and I think they will be a problem this year.

 5 THINGS TO LOOK FOR IN THE NBA 2014 2015 season

Has Rose got the bulls seeing red

Can Derrick Rose stay healthy, this is the question we all want to know the second comeback of the air to MJ, but that’s just the beginning…… The Bulls failed to land scoring machine Carmelo Anthony in free agency, but they still managed to put together a solid roster. They got much stronger adding people like Pau Gasol, drafted the NCAA’s fifth all-time leading scorer Doug McDermott, finally brought over European prospect Nikola Mirotic and have returning players in Joakim Noah, Jimmy Butler, Taj Gibson, and Kirk Hinrich. This is going to be a top team a scary team.

Then you got the top defensive coach Tom Thibodeau, and the Bulls are now one of the favorites to win the Eastern Conference. The Bulls have improved in every aspect of the game with the roster moves they made over the summer, and the rest of league has now been put on notice.

 5 THINGS TO LOOK FOR IN THE NBA 2014 2015 season

Can my Spurs repeat

I make no secret of my San Antonio love and with EVERYONE coming back is HUGE, this hardly ever happens. The San Antonio Spurs are still the cream of the crop in “The Association”. Whoever comes out on top of the east will more than likely have to go through Gregg Popovich’s squad.

With last year’s championship team still basically intact (which features Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobli and a host of other players), the rest of the Western Conference will need a championship effort to dethrone the Spurs. The chances of that happening however are very slim.

This is going to be exciting.

 5 THINGS TO LOOK FOR IN THE NBA 2014 2015 season

Kobe last stand Nash let it go

Nash is injured again from carrying shopping bags or something stupid, please Nash let it go you are done, anyway moving on to the 40th ranked Kobe (ridiculous, blasphemous), Kobe Bryant is facing his NBA mortality. In his own words, “Soon, but not yet.” It’s a testament to the ferocity with which he’s attacked his career that even though logic and a basic understanding of human biology tell us that, yes, definitely yes, Kobe is near the end of his NBA career, just writing it out like this carries a faint hint of danger. It’s a bit like an aging dictator not showing up for his breakfast one morning; who dares go into his bedroom to check on him?

tumblr mhsa7wDrm91rt4xvqo1 500 5 THINGS TO LOOK FOR IN THE NBA 2014 2015 season

What are you looking forward to this season?

Cavaliers Trade Andrew Wiggins: Bad Idea

Higgins1. Kevin Love never in his life has played a full season of games, this team is awful defensively and if Kevin Love goes down, and history says he will go down for a few games at least, your down to Lebron, Ivring and who? It makes sense now but lets assume LeBron isn’t lying and plans to retire a cav, wouldn’t it make sense to build for the future, why not surround LeBron with some of the best young talent in the business.


2. Furthermore Kevin Love is a free agent next year, Wiggins is a rookie so for at least 3 years he’s going to be on a rookie contract, why not just take Kevin Love for free next year, or any other free agent (to which there are a few) and keep one of the best young rising stars in the NBA at a minimum price giving you Wiggins, Iviring, LeBron and another superstar.

There’s another caveat to all this, though, and that’s the hit bringing on Kevin Love would have on the salary cap. Love is set to make $16.7 million next season, and with that the front office would have a much harder time building up the rest of their roster. Wiggins, however, is expected to sign a deal worth $5-$6 million in his first season, leaving plenty of room for the team to sign another free agent to a lucrative contract or even a handful of role players.

3. The Heat was expected to win championships right off the bat, and with that came some problems. Because of the construction of the roster — Wade, LeBron and Bosh each signing for a shade under the max — the team was only going to go as far as that trio took them. While it was highly successful, it was an unsustainable plan, one that was clearly due for a change in wake of their five game losses to the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals. With Kevin Love whilst that team wouldn’t even be the 3rd best team in the West , it has put a target on its back, and is not expected to make the playoffs putting pressure on a young team with only 2 players on the whole team who have even been to the playoffs. The pressure that this team faces is going to be a mental struggle and its time to see if LeBron is really the leader we believe him to be without Wade.

4. Bryant, who was selected 13th overall back in 1996 by the Hornets, was sent to the Lakers in a pre-draft agreement that saw center Vlade Divac go to Charlotte. And, five championships, one MVP, and two finals MVP awards later, Charlotte is probably shaking their heads. And Kobe Byrant has said trading Wiggins is as dumb a mistake as when the Hornets traded him, if KOBE SAID IT, IT MUST BE TRUE.



NFL Predictions: Week 10

The NFL has been full of surprises this season. Who would’ve thought the 49ers would be 4-5 and in danger of missing the playoffs and the Seahawks looking less like the defending Champions. The NFL truly means Not For Long and like the headline says Any Given Sunday, You either gunna win or lose, perhaps even tie! Here are my week 10 predictions:

Cleveland at Cincinnati:  This week kicks off with Thursday Night Football divisional battle between the Browns and the Bengals. The Browns have been good this season but I see the Bengals steeping it up a notch to win this one. Key Matchup: WR A J Green vs CB Joe Haden. Bengals 30, Browns 27.

Kansas City at Buffalo: Both teams are coming in on a roll, but this is a crucial game that the Bills cannot afford to lose as they chase a wild-card spot in the playoffs. Kansas City have perhaps the best pass rush in the league so should be an interesting game. Key Matchup: Bills O-Line vs Chiefs D-Line. Bills 24, Chiefs 23.

Miami at Detroit: The Dolphins are 3-1 on the road and have been firing on all cylinders lately. However, the Lions return from their bye week with Megatron and Bush along an inform Golden Tate, expect the Lions offense to give them this advantage, Key Matchup: WR Calvin Johnson vs CB Brent Grimes .Lions 30, Dolphins 24.

San Francisco at New Orleans: The 49ers have lost their last two games and it looks like they will miss the playoffs. The Saints played their best last week and is back to playing good football plus they are at home, Saints win in a close contest. Key Matchup: 49ers O-Line vs Saints Pass RushSaints 35, 49ers 31.

Pittsburgh at New York Jets: This could be the week’s No. 1 trap game with two teams going in opposite directions. The Steelers have won three consecutive, while the Jets have dropped eight in a row. Make it nine. Steelers 34, Jets 14.

Atlanta at Tampa Bay: The Falcons dominated the Bucs the last time these NFC South rivals met to a score of 56-14. Tampa has been very disappointing this season and will keep it close but still lose to Falcons aerial attack. Key Matchup: Falcons WR vs Buccaneers DB’s.  Falcons 24, Buccaneers 20.

Dallas vs. Jacksonville at London: The Cowboys should give Romo time to rest since this is the easiest game they will play all year and don’t need Romo to win. The Jags can cause an upset if they can stop the run, which they can’t do. Key Matchup: Cowboys O-Line vs Jags D-Line.  Cowboys 28, Jaguars 14.

Tennessee at Baltimore: After Losing two tough divisional games, look for the Ravens to bounce back with good performance and continue the playoff chase. The Titans should start evaluating for next year. Key Matchup: OLB T-Sizzle vs LT Taylor Lewan. Ravens 34, Titans 17.

Denver at Oakland: After the huge disappointment at Foxboro especially on the defensive side of the ball, Peyton Manning and the Broncos D are out for blood. However the Raiders will also take their shots and continue development of rookie QB Derek Carr. Key Matchup: TE Julius Thomas vs FS Charles Woodson. Broncos 48, Raiders 20.

St. Louis at Arizona: The Rams are coming off a stunning last-second win at San Francisco with their pass rush looking like its finally arrived, while Arizona is looking like the top team in the league with four consecutive wins. The Cardinals make it five in a row with an explosive offensive showing. Key Matchup: RE Robert Quinn vs LT Jared Veldheer.   Cardinals 30, Rams 12.

New York Giants at Seattle: The Giants downward spiral on the season continues and they lose a closely fought game to the Seahawks. The Seahawks have not looked like world champions since beating Green Bay in the opener. That trend continues, although they squeak one out. Key Matchup: RB Marshawn Lynch vs RE Jason Pierre Paul.   Seahawks 17, Giants 14.

Chicago at Green Bay:  The Packers have won 10 of their past 12 meetings with Chicago Bears. The Bears need to win this game to keep their slim play-off hopes alive but that’s easier said than done. Key Matchup: QB Aaron Rodgers vs QB Jay Cutler, the best QB on the day will win this game.  Packers 35, Bears 28.

Carolina at Philadelphia: The Panthers have not been as good as they were last year and are close to being a lock to miss out on the playoffs. Mark Sanchez looks revitalised in this Eagles Offense and could wind up being the starter if he continues to shine. Key Matchup: Panthers D-Line vs RB Lesean McCoy. Panthers 20, Eagles 24.

Byes: New England, San Diego, Houston, Indianapolis, Washington, Minnesota