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LeBron James Cleveland Return? | Double Take Debate


David Griffin has recently been appointed general manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and he has a decision to make. The upcoming free agency of 2014 is getting closer as we get into the final stages of the playoffs where of course, LeBron James is on the verge of another NBA championship. The two time champion and four time MVP has been avoiding any questions relating to his future, as he and his teammates prepare for the upcoming series against rivals Indiana Pacers.

Despite the Heat’s success, the likelihood of a possible and surprise move back to Cleveland has become a distinct possibility. The 2014 free agency class is one of the most talented for years including the class of 2003 (LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Carmelo Anthony) and is much anticipated. For the last two years, many have been narrowing down the possible destinations where King James may land, one of them being his former team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. This off-season has started dreadfully; from getting another lottery pick, to the head coach being fired. Mike Brown coached LeBron for five of his seven seasons in Cleveland where James basically guided them by himself to the NBA finals only to be swept by the much more experienced San Antonio Spurs. LeBron James knows that the most pressure on him to succeed comes from himself and that he is determined to go down as the greatest player to have ever played the game of basketball.

Lebron2In the summer of 2010, James decided to leave his beloved Cavaliers and join forces with fellow superstars Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade in Miami. Since then, they have moulded themselves into the unbreakable and dominant powerhouse they are today. Despite experiencing heartbreak in the 2011 NBA finals, James was able to overcome that and win back to back titles. The achievements of LeBron are evident, it’s what LeBron believes is best for his career that intrigues fans around the world.

Ever since his sophomore year in high school, there has an unprecedented hype around him that a professional athlete of his age had never experienced. The hopes of an entire franchise was held on the shoulders of this 18 year old superstar when the 2003 NBA draft took place. LeBron James was simply majestic and unplayable during his reign at the top of the NBA spectrum, but now Kevin Durant has entered into the limelight it’s going to be difficult to take that away from him. Especially since journalists wrote off the MVP race so early on in the year, LeBron’s play has become more aggressive, he has taken control of games and rescued the Heat during clutch situations including his game winner against the Warriors back in February. His field goal percentage and points per game average have increased and you sense the message that LeBron wants to give this franchise everything he’s got before opting out of his contract and returning home. His playing intensity in the playoffs is evidently more aggressive and powerful as he proves himself to one of the greats.

Lebron3The city of Cleveland is infamous for having failing sports teams, but since Johnny Manziel was drafted by the Browns there seems to be a new hope. The fact that close friend ‘Johnny Football’ will be playing his football in Ohio may be a small factor in LeBron’s decision. It’s been well documented that he has kept connections with people back in Cleveland and Akron and that part of his heart remains in his hometown.

Of course, a return will mean Cleveland would have to free up cap room by possibly releasing Luol Deng. The fact that Kyrie Irving is committed to Cleveland is a big positive. As one of the best point guards in the league and an upcoming superstar, Irving could be the point guard that LeBron has been lacking. Also, the Cavaliers have to appoint a head coach which will be important if James is to play for Cleveland next season. In spite of the fact that everything must fall into place for LeBron to be wearing the number 23 again, the thought of him bringing a championship to Cleveland has surely got to put him in the conversation for the crown of the greatest of all time.


NBA Predictions: 2014-2015 Season

Is Lebron the answer?

So in case you been living under a rock, Lebron is back in Cleveland, he’s back home and this time he has a little help Kyrie Irving and with Kevin Love to mention a few names, so are the new-look Cavs’ are instant contenders with the gapping lack of defence? With a rookie head coach in David Blatt making the calls from the bench, is this right guy to lead Cleveland.

“King James” will once again need to ascend from his throne to lead this team if they are to win their first championship.

Is revenge the biggest motivator?

Is the bitter wife, left at the altar going to show revenge is sweet? They may no longer have LeBron James, but the Heat is still a very formidable team. I think this might be the most underrated team in the NBA, Luol Deng while not as athletic was essentially brought in to replace LeBron is a good player, Chris Bosh an all-star and if Dwayne wade one of the best shooting guards of all can stay healthy and ball out why the hell is this not a top team, we got the  supporting cast –consisting of Chris Andersen, Mario Chalmers, and Udonis Haslem among others- of solid players on board, the loss of James will be easier to digest and I think they will be a problem this year.

 5 THINGS TO LOOK FOR IN THE NBA 2014 2015 season

Has Rose got the bulls seeing red

Can Derrick Rose stay healthy, this is the question we all want to know the second comeback of the air to MJ, but that’s just the beginning…… The Bulls failed to land scoring machine Carmelo Anthony in free agency, but they still managed to put together a solid roster. They got much stronger adding people like Pau Gasol, drafted the NCAA’s fifth all-time leading scorer Doug McDermott, finally brought over European prospect Nikola Mirotic and have returning players in Joakim Noah, Jimmy Butler, Taj Gibson, and Kirk Hinrich. This is going to be a top team a scary team.

Then you got the top defensive coach Tom Thibodeau, and the Bulls are now one of the favorites to win the Eastern Conference. The Bulls have improved in every aspect of the game with the roster moves they made over the summer, and the rest of league has now been put on notice.

 5 THINGS TO LOOK FOR IN THE NBA 2014 2015 season

Can my Spurs repeat

I make no secret of my San Antonio love and with EVERYONE coming back is HUGE, this hardly ever happens. The San Antonio Spurs are still the cream of the crop in “The Association”. Whoever comes out on top of the east will more than likely have to go through Gregg Popovich’s squad.

With last year’s championship team still basically intact (which features Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobli and a host of other players), the rest of the Western Conference will need a championship effort to dethrone the Spurs. The chances of that happening however are very slim.

This is going to be exciting.

 5 THINGS TO LOOK FOR IN THE NBA 2014 2015 season

Kobe last stand Nash let it go

Nash is injured again from carrying shopping bags or something stupid, please Nash let it go you are done, anyway moving on to the 40th ranked Kobe (ridiculous, blasphemous), Kobe Bryant is facing his NBA mortality. In his own words, “Soon, but not yet.” It’s a testament to the ferocity with which he’s attacked his career that even though logic and a basic understanding of human biology tell us that, yes, definitely yes, Kobe is near the end of his NBA career, just writing it out like this carries a faint hint of danger. It’s a bit like an aging dictator not showing up for his breakfast one morning; who dares go into his bedroom to check on him?

tumblr mhsa7wDrm91rt4xvqo1 500 5 THINGS TO LOOK FOR IN THE NBA 2014 2015 season

What are you looking forward to this season?

Cavaliers Trade Andrew Wiggins: Bad Idea

Higgins1. Kevin Love never in his life has played a full season of games, this team is awful defensively and if Kevin Love goes down, and history says he will go down for a few games at least, your down to Lebron, Ivring and who? It makes sense now but lets assume LeBron isn’t lying and plans to retire a cav, wouldn’t it make sense to build for the future, why not surround LeBron with some of the best young talent in the business.


2. Furthermore Kevin Love is a free agent next year, Wiggins is a rookie so for at least 3 years he’s going to be on a rookie contract, why not just take Kevin Love for free next year, or any other free agent (to which there are a few) and keep one of the best young rising stars in the NBA at a minimum price giving you Wiggins, Iviring, LeBron and another superstar.

There’s another caveat to all this, though, and that’s the hit bringing on Kevin Love would have on the salary cap. Love is set to make $16.7 million next season, and with that the front office would have a much harder time building up the rest of their roster. Wiggins, however, is expected to sign a deal worth $5-$6 million in his first season, leaving plenty of room for the team to sign another free agent to a lucrative contract or even a handful of role players.

3. The Heat was expected to win championships right off the bat, and with that came some problems. Because of the construction of the roster — Wade, LeBron and Bosh each signing for a shade under the max — the team was only going to go as far as that trio took them. While it was highly successful, it was an unsustainable plan, one that was clearly due for a change in wake of their five game losses to the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals. With Kevin Love whilst that team wouldn’t even be the 3rd best team in the West , it has put a target on its back, and is not expected to make the playoffs putting pressure on a young team with only 2 players on the whole team who have even been to the playoffs. The pressure that this team faces is going to be a mental struggle and its time to see if LeBron is really the leader we believe him to be without Wade.

4. Bryant, who was selected 13th overall back in 1996 by the Hornets, was sent to the Lakers in a pre-draft agreement that saw center Vlade Divac go to Charlotte. And, five championships, one MVP, and two finals MVP awards later, Charlotte is probably shaking their heads. And Kobe Byrant has said trading Wiggins is as dumb a mistake as when the Hornets traded him, if KOBE SAID IT, IT MUST BE TRUE.



Skateboarding Documentary: Homeless Skateboarder


Check out Thalente in a documentary about once homeless skateboarder Thalente Biyela’s journey from the streets of South Africa to Los Angeles, California and into the heart of skateboarding.

The producers have turned to specialist film crowdfunding platform Seed & Spark to finance the completion of the documentary film armed with massive support of the skate community who are providing incentives to those who support the film.

Whilst this story hinges on Thalente’s love of skateboarding, it gives insight into the challenges that the homeless youth face due to lack of role models, illiteracy and lack of family. It is Thalente’s love of skateboarding that presents itself as a legitimate means to rise out of circumstance and make a place for himself in the world and offers a unique perspective on skateboarding and the power of uncompromised acceptance, community and individuality.

This is awesome and I know sports doesn’t save lives but it can definitely change them this is so great and we at doubletake are more than happy to help.


Tony Allen Flop

Tony allen

Tony Allen basically just lost it, what was he thinking, CP3 can be known to flop but this was definately real. The Clippers’ Chris Paul gets nailed across the mug while on a drive, and you have to wonder just what the Grizzlies’ Tony Allen was thinking.

Great Healthy Diets.

healthy diet

While supplements can help you to be healthier, you need to do some research first — there are good ones and bad ones.  To make your fitness goals simpler to achieve, focus on a healthy diet. Have a look at this great video for ideas of things you can cook. Let us know any of your ideas or diets you have tried this year.