The Team

Here’s a brief insight into the core team behind the wonderful Double Take Debate family. We have a range of writers across the world that are part of the extended DTD team. If you would like to be involved

Luke Gurrey is the founder of Double Take Debate. A Law graduate, who worked in numerous fields before deciding to establish this site for people to enjoy heated sports banter while at home. An avid Arsenal fan (Football) and OKC Thunder (NBA), he loves to discuss any sport that he has an opinion on, while enjoying playing devil’s advocate at any given chance.

Micah Adams is co-founder of Double Take Debate, enjoys watching Basketball (Spurs), football (Man United) and American Football (Seahawks). He is pretty much into any sport, loves a good debate and is currently training in American football in London.

Melissa Erasia is a fitness enthusiast and foodie from London and enjoys living a healthy lifestyle. She is particularly keen on inspiring and motivating others (via Instagram) to be more health conscious and to pursue their fitness goals. Melissa has enjoyed training in MMA in the past and has just taken up CrossFit in a bid to challenge herself further.

Sam Gurrey decided at a ‘mere 17 stone’ & a modest 27 years of age that a change of vocation was needed. Fitness has now become his passion, working out religiously & constantly studying nutrition & alternative exercise regimes. Having lost 4 stone healthily, the aim is to also want to help others accomplish their own goals too. Outside of fitness, Sam is also a huge fan of both MMA and Basketball, with a passing interest in both football [soccer]; American football as well.