About Us

Double Take Debate is the definitive sports and fitness discussion outlet, set up and run by Luke Gurrey and supported by Micah Adams, Melissa Henry and Sam Gurrey.

It was set up by young people for them to outlet their views on all things sports related, which are not always expressed in mainstream media, while bringing shine to the younger generation of sports stars who perhaps fall by the wayside.

Although covering football, which is highly saturated in the UK, we decided to shed light on sports not covered so heavily (or at all) in this country.  As ardent sports enthusiasts, we discuss the NBA, boxing, UFC and tennis among other sports that struggle to get attention.

The London Olympics 2012 was a perfect example of this lack of coverage, as even though the event was held in the UK there was a definite lack of knowledge on behalf of the British public toward who would represent that.

Double Take Debate looks to bring that banter and pub argument to your living room .  Encouraging viewer feedback and opinion, we strive to bring the most up-to-date, factual and controversial topics right to your desktop.

In March 2013 Double Take Debate launched its very own ‘Fitness’ page launched by Editors Melissa Henry and Sam Gurrey who both share an interest in fitness and well-being. With the help of fitness experts from across the globe and a huge following on Instagram, they hope to inspire and encourage people of all ages to keep fit and eat well.